Mooniana: And the Secrets of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia By Miranda Moondawn


Published: Published February 25th 2015 by Mirador Publishing

Stars: 3.5/5


The story is centralized on Muses -daughters of Mnemosyne (the Goddess of Memory) and Zeus (the ruler) representing different art. Six of the nine muses- Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Urania, and Euterpe- who have incarnated on earth to restore the peace and brotherhood in world. They are trying to find and restore lost chronicles of Sophia. But difficulties arises when they come to realize the expectations their Mother and Zeus. The main purpose of their incarnation entangles in politics of Olympus.

My view:

I thought this book might be totally related to Greek mythology. But, actually it is amazing concoction of Greek, Norse, and Indian Mythology. I was fascinated by author’s deep research in Indology which was the best part of the book. Gayatri Mantra, Raas-Leela and lot of things were nicely described and few more that even I didn’t know. I liked the blend of cultural and major world events with the main theme of the book. Another remarkable and very nice part was poems in the book.

All six muses had 3 different names- their earth name, muse name, and their secret name which was bit confusing in the beginning, I literally note it down. Few things were really weird like relations between sisters and their chosen mates. Whole story taken place in two forms. One was physical (earth) form of muses and the other part (most of actually) was astral travel and astral form of muses, which was little hard to understand for me, at some points specifically third and the end part of the book. End was not like I expected.

Book gives insight on feminism, esoteric knowledge, and spirituality. Overall, it was good, little slow. It was easy for me as I know Indian mythology, but it will be hard for those who doesn’t know.

Who should read? Those who are interested in Greek, Norse, and Indian Mythology with spiritual and magical realism.

*** I received an e-copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to author. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

Read interview with author here:

Author interview: Mooniana: And the Secrets of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia By Miranda Moondawn


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