100 Followers – Thank You!


I can’t believe I got 100 Followers!!! YYYYeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy….

I just started blog on 14th April of this year and I never thought I will hit 100 in exactly 2 months of time. 14 is lucky number for me. 😛

100 followers_edited


So, I would like to thank all my lovely followers.

Thank you

Enormous, Gigantic, humongous,  Brobdingnagian thanks to all followers and those who regularly likes, comment, and share my posts and help to spread a word that I exist. To Stacy @twogalsandabook whom I asked so many silly questions on Goordreads while I was struggling as beginner and she helped me with open heart. To my email followers who timely text me to shower their love for blog.

And a special thanks to my family, precious jewels of my life who has supported me in all things and for this blog too.

I think I’m done with thank you speech. I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. You guys are still here, right?

Let’s make this interesting. We all do book reviews and show our likes, dislikes, and opinion for books. So, what’s your opinion for my blog? What do you like or dislike? Any advice for me?

In short, review my blog in comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 😀




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