Best of 2017

best of 2017

Hey every one! Year 2017 is over and I can’t believe how great this year was in reading, books, and blog. This year has given me something that I was looking for all my life, passion for reading that I don’t think will die till next few years. The beginning of the year was difficult with recently left job, no earning, nothing to do productive, I was waking up just to start a day with no goal and just reading to pass the time and to keep mind sane. One day while writing review on Goodreads, I thought of starting a blog. My this unsure thought turned to sure one and I started blogging in April. It made my year then on.ย 

I can’t believe at the end of the year I got 460 followers and so many fellow bloggers that I love to interact, whose post inspire me to write better, to read more and be around this community. It was really wonderful and I thank everyone to make my blog and year this amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year in glance:

Started blog- on 14th April

Total post on blog till today- 199

Total reviews I posted after starting the blog- 108

Goodreads Challenge-

I Completed Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge! I read total 137 books with novels (111) and short stories/ picturebook (26). My goal for Goodreads challenge was 100 books and even if I deduct those 26 short stories, I completed 100 books last month.

So my Year in books looks like this-

2017 goodreads_edited

ย Favorite 15 books this year-

I read many awesome 5 star books that it was hard to find favorite 15 books. I managed to narrow it down from over 100 books I read based on the stories that I won’t forget or books that made me want to read more in that genre or book through which I connected with amazing authors that I will read anything written by those author.

I think that’s all…ย  And…

Image result for happy 2018

Happy New Year to all readers and book lovers! May you all have amazing year ahead!!! Happy Reading and have a great time!!!

BTNR_editedBTR signed F_edited


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