Happy 2nd Birthday to this Little Blog!

Wow! It’s 2nd anniversary already! I received not one but two notifications from WordPress this week.


I feel like I started the blog just yesterday with no particular goal, no big dream of getting followers, being contacted by authors or getting ARCs and books. I honestly thought no one would be that interested to follow this blog filled with my dull writing. I didn’t have confidence that I can write proper review. Now I’m shocked I published total 500 posts!

I’m more surprised seeing the number of followers at present, all those lovely comments I received and most importantly, the love and support I get from this community that teaches me something new everyday, introduces me to wonderful books and authors. What I love most in this two years, you followers, friends I made and chats. And books.

Here is blog in numbers-

Total Followers – 940
Posts – 501
Reviews – 231
Views – 38,172
Visitors – 17,907
Likes – 15,934
Comments -2687

These numbers are nothing without you all. I’m so grateful for such a wonderful community. Thank you!


  1. Happy 2 year blogiversary, Yesha! Oh, come on, I never found your writing dull, you are too humble!
    Cheers to many more followers and successes to come!

    Liked by 1 person

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