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Mercenary’s Child (The Phoenix Fallacy Book 1) by Jonathan Sourbeer
Publication Date: August 30th 2019
Publisher: Vulpine Press
Genre: Science-Fiction / YA / Dystopia
Pages: 266
Stars: ★★★★★

The slums of Cerberus Corporation are the dumping grounds for trash, secrets, and the dregs of society. And they’re the only home Janus has ever known. But when an Overlord of Cerberus comes knocking, searching for new recruits for her swelling armies in the battle for supremacy, he is swept up in a conflict that has been brewing for years.

Janus is not destined for the front lines, however. When he is unexpectedly sold to the ODIN Legion, an elite mercenary unit living on the fringes of Corporate control, he finds that his years of survival in the fetid slums will be put to the test. But survival will soon be the least of his concerns.

The ODIN Legion is about to be thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that will roil the very foundations of Corporate dominance. Can Janus, and ODIN, make it out alive?

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Vulpine Press for the copy. ***

Mercenary’s Child was fantastic futuristic science-fiction that revolved around main character’s journey from the slum area of the corporation to the skilled soldier of Odin legion. It was about survival, friendship, loyalty, courage, valor, and politics.


There were many characters in the book.

Janus was smart, quick in mind and reflexes, and slight arrogant who couldn’t keep his voice and eyes down even in front of mighty overlord, even if his life was at risk. Sometimes, he thought he could outwit anybody but that developed greatly during his training on Odin. He made new friends and developed leadership ability. His growth was gradual and I could see there was more to him in next books.

Other side characters were also amazing. New recruits and Janus’s friends, Sargent Wouris, and Praetor Jennings are my personal favorite.  All Janus’s friends were interesting. Celes was most mysterious of all. I’m curious to find out where she came from and how she knew so many things in next books. Marcus was security trooper before he came on Odin. There was strong competition of being best between him and Janus. I’m sure there will be more complicated situation between these two in series. I loved Lyn and Ramirez and loved to read their background and about their skills. Together they made fabulous team.

What I liked-

This book formed the firm foundation of the Phoenix Fallacy series. It explored the world in depth and gave overview on characters. The book was third person narrative. Writing was gripping, in depth and easy to follow.

It started with Clara raising Janus in slums ever since she found him on the heap of garbage dropped from the cities above, keeping him out of danger, educating him and teaching things that might one day help him to get out of slums and have better life. And that opportunity came sudden and quick. Janus found himself caught in eyes of one of the overlords, where his mother worked, and was sold to the group of Mercenaries of Odin Legion who traded with corporations. Life as a mercenary was not easy but was better than slum and his experience of slums helped him to pass tests but when the mission was given to Odin legion and its soldiers, they found themselves in the middle of conspiracy. It was interesting to find out what was that conspiracy was and why they were in that situation, if Janus, his team and Odin Legion come out of it safely.

There were other questions that were intriguing from the very beginning- Why Janus was dumped to slums, who were his real parents, why Jennings took interest in Janus, did he knew something about Janus? Now these were not answered in this book but I’m hoping answers will be given in next books. After climax we get little idea about it which kept me thinking all kind of scenario and made me curious to read next book as soon as it is released.

Now the best and half part of the book was world building. Each and every chapter provided important detail on world- What were the corporations, how cities were built and its structure, politics and hierarchy, Odin legion and its intricate structure, old wars, armory and fancy gadgets, suits and some big machineries and air crafts. Everything was so detailed and brilliantly written. It was unique and impressive. Author thought about every minute detail and well-presented it. Even though the book was filled with information, it never felt like info dumping.

Training of new recruits covered another half part of the book. I liked reading this portion too. It provided secondary characters’ background, their development and bits of world building, mostly about Odin Legion- how it works and importance of training. I liked the way it taught characters discipline, loyalty, and battle tactics. It turned them into best soldiers. But the fruits of training were tasted in the real battle and that happened in the third part of the book when they got mission.

It was exciting to read battle and how they carried their mission. I could figure out something was amiss but couldn’t point what until they were in middle of the mission. Climax was surprising and tense. Many things were revealed after climax and conspiracy unveiled. End was bittersweet. I liked how it ended and I’m curious to see what will happen in next and uncover those remaining mysteries.

Overall, it was gripping, action packed, and most unique science-fiction with amazing world and characters. If you are fan of Sci-Fi, don’t miss this.

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