#Review : Snowflakes and Sparks (Old Pine Cove, #1) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

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Snowflakes and Sparks (Old Pine Cove, #1) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins
Publication Date: October 3rd 2019
Publisher: Got It Covered Press
Genre: Romcom
Pages: 242
Stars: ★★★★☆

One small town. One hot neighbor. One second chance at love.

The best fake snow decorations in L.A.? Done by me.
About to get a promotion? Also me.
Sent to a sleepy small town right before Christmas to save a bookstore? Unfortunately, me again.

Old Pine Cove was the one place on earth I had sworn I’d never return to. Then my boss asked me to manage one of our bookstores there. I wanted to tell her no way, but that would definitely lower my chances of being promoted once I returned to L.A. So I sucked it up. Besides, it was only supposed to be temporary. What could possibly go wrong?

Gosh, how naïve of me.

Alex Denverton opening the door with that smoldering look of his, that’s what went wrong. It had been ten years since I crashed his truck and made a run for it. And now he was back in my life. How was I supposed to focus on work knowing he was right next door? And why did I ever agree to organize the annual Winter Walk with him?

One thing was certain, though. If I wanted to have a magical Christmas, I couldn’t ask Santa to make it happen. It was up to me to decide: go big or go home.

Snowflakes and Sparks is a standalone, small town romcom in the Old Pine Cove series.

*** Note: I received e-copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. ***

Snowflakes and Sparks was heartwarming sparkling romantic Christmas read, revolved around Suzie and Alex’s love that rekindled after 10 years they first met in Old Pine Cove. It was about second chance at love, bonding and belongingness.


I loved Suzie in this book. She was fantastic character that many can relate to. She was modest, friendly and passionate. She was best at her work and knew how to win hearts. I loved the way she turned embarrassing memory into lovable and beautiful one. Her thoughts and characteristics were realistic.

Alex was a yoga teacher at Pine Cove. He was loved by town people both for his looks and nature. He was friendly, helping and gentleman. I liked he didn’t let reoccur what happened between him and Suzie again.

My favorite secondary characters were Dean and Addy. They were amazing friends and I would like to see them more in next books. All characters were developed and interesting.

What I liked-

Writing was easy, charming and gripping. Pace was fast and plot was feel good. It had true festive vibe that makes you want to celebrate Christmas with equal zest.

That blurb tells all about the book and how it started with Suzie’s amazing job at bookstore in L.A., waiting for her promotion and suddenly asked to manage store at Old Pine Cove she sworn she would never set a foot again as something embarrassing happened and she ruined Alex’s Christmas 10 years ago. To make thing more uncomfortable Alex was now her neighbor.

I was curious to know if they will put the past in past and give each other another chance, will 10 years old crush turn into love, will it be easy for Suzie to work in town that has long lasting memory and don’t forgive outsider easily and what was Alex’s story that whole town knew about but Suzie.

What I loved most was, the setting. Old Pine Cove was most picturesque and wonderful. Author brought place and characters to life. I didn’t know the place was famous for Ski resort and snow globe factory. I love snow globes. I had one when I was small. The enthusiasm and love of town’s people for Christmas was contagious. I would love to spend Christmas in this beautiful town among these loving tight knit community. I liked Suzie’s idea on Christmas walk, to promote the book store and author signing that helped both store and town. It was great to see her helping people who were not that happy on her return and turned her negative impression into positive one.

Climax was good. It was not that shocking. I could see what will happen way before the turn but I still liked to read it. The end was sweet. It also cleared the small mystery.

This was first in series and I would love to know characters more in next book and see what happens next.

Why 4 Stars-

Climax was not that unique, not something I haven’t read before and it was predictable too. I also felt there was something missing. I wanted more depth in characters but as it was just first in series, there might be more to it in next books.

Overall, it was enjoyable, cute, lovely and entertaining romcom. A good Christmas read that recommend.  

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Let’s discuss!

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book or any book by the same author? Which book are on your Christmas reads? Do you like snow globe? Which one is your most favorite Christmas decoration?


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