It’s Monday! What Are You Reading (76)

Hello Readers! I hope you had fantastic week.

My birthday week was great. We didn’t do anything special, it was just cozy birthday with family. I had a good time. And surprisingly I managed to read 3 books! I thought I wouldn’t have time to read one more this weekend but it was quick and short read that I finished in a day.

Last Week I Read-

43395227. sy475
Currently was good with impressive world-building that featured Sirens. Review will be up tomorrow.
47956293. sy475
This was quick and short and such a lovely story. I’m on blog tour for this book. Review will be up on 1st Nov.

Currently Reading-

I’m not reading anything right now. I thought to start Gravemaidens, but I read that it’s a bit slow and I’m not in a mood for slow read. I need something short and quick, so I’ll start, A Family by Christmas Viv Royce

48062020. sy475

Chocolatier Emma Miller has a new business selling bonbons to the residents of the quaint town of Wood Creek. When a tiny visitor stops by her shop with an interesting request, Emma is intrigued. The young girl needs chocolates that will help her widowed dad fall in love, preferably with her teacher. What Emma didn’t count on was Casey’s ever so charming and handsome dad, Grant, stepping into her life. She has to remind herself to be cautious because the one thing she learned in foster care is that people always leave.

Pilot Grant Galloway is touched by his daughter’s gift and is curious about the person who made the world-class chocolates. But when he steps into Emma’s shop full of delicious smells and tasty morsels, he forgets to breathe. And it has nothing to do with his favorite dessert. She’s pretty and kind, and when she has to deal with a difficult client, his protective instincts kick into high gear. But he risked his heart once. When his wife died, it left him broken. He’s just now beginning to pick up the pieces, and he and his daughter will be leaving town once the holidays are over.

Thanks to some Christmas wishes, though, these two might discover that their carefully laid plans are about to change.

Wow, I read many Christmas books this year! But this will be last one. I don’t have any other Christmas read and I’m not planning to read any more after this one.
I have heard this was lovely and as sweet as chocolates. I can’t wait to start it.

Next this week-


From the acclaimed author of The Exes’ Revenge comes a gripping thriller about a woman who desperately wants a fresh start–but discovers that the past has a way of catching up no matter how far or how fast you run…

The morning after a terrible storm, a woman calling herself Charlie Miller turns up in a remote coastal village. She’s bought a crumbling, long-vacant cottage and keeps to herself, reluctant to integrate with the locals–because if they ever find out who she really is, and what she’s done, she’ll lose what little she has left.

Charlie has a secret: she served two years in prison for providing a false alibi for a murderer. It was the mistake of a woman in love, a woman who couldn’t believe her boyfriend was guilty–or lying to her. All she wants now is to start over. But as Charlie slowly lets down her guard and becomes friendly with her neighbours, she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her…someone who knows what she did. When one of her new friends suddenly disappears, Charlie’s worst fears are confirmed. She must confront her past head-on, but as she knows all too well, people aren’t always who they appear to be–and you can’t always outrun your mistakes…

I’m on blog tour for this book. Isn’t it interesting? My stop is on 1st so, I’m not starting it before 25th.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books or planning to read soon? What do you think about them? Share you thoughts in comment-box below.



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