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Hello Readers! Today is my stop during the blog tour for The Memories We Hide by Jodie Gibson, organized by LoveBooksTours. Check out the book details and excerpt in this post.

The Memories We Hide by Jodie Gibson
Genre: contemporary  / women’s fiction


Can you trust your memories?

Laura Murphy thought she could, but that was before she returned home.

When 27-year-old Laura returns to her hometown ten years after the tragic death of her boyfriend, Ryan Taylor, she isn’t prepared for the nostalgia and memories that resurface.  

While caring for her ailing mother, Laura discovers an old newspaper clipping suggesting there may have been more to Ryan’s death than first thought. Despite her determination to put the past behind her, Laura becomes compelled to find out what happened that fateful night. 

As she begins delving into the past, Laura reconnects with childhood friend Tom Gordon, and they begin to unravel the blurred lines of truth and memory. But, unbeknownst to Laura, Tom is hiding a secret that could change everything, including destroying any chance of the future with Laura he’s always dreamed of.

Will Laura have the strength to confront what is revealed, or will Tom’s secret unlock memories that hold a truth no-one is prepared for?

Dealing with the complexities of friendships, love, depression and the consequences of secrets and split-second decisions, The Memories We Hide is a compelling story exploring how memories can’t always be trusted but how they can set you free. 


An hour later, Laura had escaped the city traffic and found herself focusing on the broken white lines of the country highway. The last time she was on this stretch of road, she was traveling in the opposite direction, away from her mother’s weatherboard cottage on the tree-lined street near the railway line. The railway line. That was always the memory that caused her thoughts to snag. Nostalgia was mixed with the harsh truth of why Laura had left almost ten years earlier and had never been able to return. But, like a shadow, her past was always right behind her. She had come one hundred eighty degrees, the city an almost nonexistent speck in the rearview mirror. Every kilometer brought her closer, brought her back to her childhood home.

She chastised herself for the selfish emotions consuming her energy. She should be thinking of her mum right now. Nothing else should matter. But it was too late. Well-hidden memories once pushed purposely into the back of her mind had come forward again. She knew it was inevitable. That going back wouldn’t be just about looking after her mum in her last days. Everything she’d run from all those years ago would resurface. She’d have to face Tom. And what about Rachel? She’d have to cross that railway line every single day.

She switched on the radio to take her mind off things, the sultry voice of Whitney Houston’s ‘Saving All My Love’ filtered through the speakers. She smiled. Her mum loved Whitney.

The large green sign ahead indicated 320km to Banyula, and all of a sudden Laura felt an overwhelming sense of nausea wash over her, the saltiness rising to the back of her throat. She pulled the car to a halt on the gravel at the side of the road and opened the door. She made it to the grass just in time.

Buy Link https://amzn.to/2UP9Ira

Author Bio:

Jodi Gibson is an Australian women’s fiction author of both contemporary dramas, and light-hearted romantic comedy. She lives on a mini-farm with her husband, daughters, two golden retrievers, one horse, eight chickens and a cat who rules over them all.

Jodi has been making up stories in one way or another since she was young. However, it wasn’t until recent years and after wearing many career hats, that the desire to get the stories out of her head and onto the page, won her over. In 2019, she realised her dream releasing her debut contemporary drama novel, The Memories We Hide.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find Jodi with her nose in a book, or in the kitchen baking and dreaming of her next travelling adventure.

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