Best of 2019!

Hello Readers! Everyone has written their best of 2019 in December. I meant to write it before new Year as well but I was busy squeezing one more book to 2019 reads and honestly I was not sure which one to choose. If you have read my yesterday’s post you know (if not let me tell you) my avg rating was 4 that means most of books were either 5 star or 4 stars. Only handful I rated 3 or below. I’m still shocked to see so many 5 stars and it made it difficult to find top fav 20 from it. Don’t ask me which is most favorite as i honestly cannot name just one!

So here is my favorite 20 books from 2019 book in random order-

There were many other fabulous reads even 4 star book were enjoyable but I guess these were the best book and enjoyed most.

Let’s discuss!

Have you read any of these? Are you going to add any to your TBR?

Happy Reading!!

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