Hello readers! I hope you all had great week. I was moody this week I even took more than one day break in reading and exercise. But overall it was good. I bought new phone as there’s another crack on the screen, thanks to my daughter. That phone has undergone screen replacement twice. You can blame that on me and my mom! I don’t think it can bear another replacement and its touch sensor is also not working that nicely. Hopefully new phone will arrive today.



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It took me longer to read this than I expected but it was enjoyable so I don’t mind. I loved this book with its quirky topic. It was uproariously funny. I did recount all those hilarious scene to my husband. Review will be up tomorrow.

Currently Reading-


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I’m 70% through this book and I’ll finish it before the nightfall. I enjoyed this one more than first book. I could recall most of the things but not few minor details. Writing was better and the mystery and adventure was just as interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens by the end of the book. Review will be up later this week.


The Celestial Assignment by Theresa Braun

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After a sudden death, Will, a misguided angel, is tasked with protecting a baby girl. Watching over her as she grows up and navigates the world appears a harsh punishment for his past failings. Can he redeem himself, or will he fall further from grace?

This is short read. This will be my first book by author. I’ve heard this one is great and how can I resist fallen angel!

Unborn: A dystopian thriller by Rachel McLean

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She killed her unborn child. The punishment will fit the crime.

America, 2026.
Feminism has been defeated.
Equality is a memory.
And abortion has been criminalized.

Three women find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Kate, carrying the child of a sexual predator. Grace, whose baby will be born with a fatal deformity. And Cindee: abused, abandoned and pregnant.

Their punishment will fit their crime.

Can these three very different women come together to fight an oppressive system and win their freedom?

Find out by reading Unborn, a chilling dystopia combined with a gripping legal thriller.

Now that sounds interesting. I haven’t read any dystopia this year and this sounds perfect to start with. I’m on blog tour for this book. My stop is on 25th.

Let’s discuss!

What did you read last week?
What are you planning to read this week?
Have you read any of these books?


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