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It’s 3rd birthday of this blog! Can you believe? I still can’t, it feels like yesterday.

I remember, it took me hours to write first review, oh hell, even spent days thinking what I will write in about section of this blog. And now, I have written total 774 posts and 323 reviews so far, along with blitz, interview, guest post and many promotional posts.

Best thing happened this year was getting first physical ARC from publisher, getting NetGalley auto-approval badge and getting books from publisher(s) and authors. It feels a great achievement, when authors I have worked with comes back and appreciate my reviews and posts. It was amazing seeing growth of this blog. I made friends, chat with some and love to talk with some in comments, and share views on books.

I absolutely had no hope I will come so far. And let’s see how far,

  • When I started blog, I didn’t know a thing about writing or blogging. Yes, I remember spending days by watching tutorial and asking around if I had any question. Now I can write at least (not better but at least satisfactory and I’m confident).
  • When I started reading back in 2015, I read 2 books a month. When I started blogging, I could read 4 a month. Now I read 7-8 books a month.
  • In early days, I was not sure I would blog this long. I just quit job, recovering from stroke, and was looking for new job. So it didn’t work and then we plan kid. Now I’m happy stay-at-home parent of 17 months old cute daughter. I blog and read in between her schedule.
  • So like every Newbie, I didn’t know what’s ARC, didn’t know how to write email to publisher, or if there was thing like free books. I know I was scratching my head when somebody wrote I got this book for review and I asked myself ‘is that even possible? how did they got it for free?Now, I say no to most of review requests. I even reduced joining tours for review. Now I ask how some bloggers even manage to read so much and so fast!
  • Before it was all about numbers, now it’s about consistency and interactions.

What I hope to learn in future-

  • Write posts in advance. Yes, I still don’t write posts in advance and schedule them. What can I say I’m not that organized person.
  • Write discussion posts– Ahem, I haven’t written a single discussion post so far. This is review blog and I did that only. I started writing those book list posts this year and I hope to write them more. Maybe I’ll join top 10 Tuesday or something but I wish I can get some idea on discussion posts and write them.
  • Speed reading– This is just dream! A girl can dream, right? I know some finish whole book in 3 hours or in a day. Some read 20 books a month! Some say it was my breakfast read (I’m looking at you, Shalini 😉). It will be a dream come true if I can read that many pages in a day or even 15 books a month. What can I say, there’s so many books to read and I have never ending TBR!

I love this blog and book world and most of all blogging community.

So that’s all! I thank you all for love and support! ❤
Stay safe at home and keep reading and blogging! ❤

Let me know what do you like about this blog most? If there’s anything you would like me to improve? Which type of post you would like me to write more? Also let me know about your blog story. When you started blogging and what inspired you?


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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I am looking forward to that discussion posts and super-fast reading is really a dream if you are an Indian because either the baby is awake or maybe your mom gives you work so yeah I relate to you. I hope you write for years and years to come.😍🙂

    Stay safe❤✌😊

      1. Welcome!! I know your pain. I am a 19-year-old girl and my mom expects me to do every chore in the house because apparently, I need to learn them before I get married. 😭😭😭 How are you doing in this lockdown?? Is everything ok??

        Stay safe❤✌😊

        1. My mom taught me things but never pushed me to do all. She was happy as long as I focused on studies. I managed well even without doing all things before marriage. We learn things better when responsibilities are really on us.
          We have vegetables and groceries so, things are better for me.
          You too stay safe. ❤

          1. I am pushed because I used to live in Africa and don’t know the Indian culture and ways. I am in college so no pressure. You are right, responsibilities do make us more mature and hard working. Good thing that you have groceries and veggies.

            Stay safe and keep me informed❤✌😊

          2. As for the culture, I never was interested. I know a bit as I observed adults around but I’m not fan of following culture or religion. It does make me stand out in crowd and in eyes of in-laws (not in good way) but I don’t care. I understand one just need to be good human and learn humanity to have peaceful and better life.

          3. I am interested in knowing and studying the Indian culture but not learning it to use in future. I know your pain. My open-minded mouth makes me stand out too and sometimes it gets awkward with elders. You are so right. I wish the world could learn that. 😏

            Stay safe❤✌😊

  2. Congrats!!!! This is such a lovely post, especially when you talk about all the differences between when you first started blogging and now 💛 it’s wild how blogging can change so much!

  3. Congrats on three years, Yesha! I love your blog and the range of content that you post. I haven’t mastered speed reading either lol, not sure how others can do it!

  4. Aww congrats my friend! Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I still don’t plan or pre-schedule lol! I’m so happy to have discovered you amazing blog and more inportantly, your friendship! 🎉❤🎉❤

  5. Happy blogiversay my darling ❤️ hahaha my breakfast read!! Thank you for the shoutout. I hope to be back to fast reads once crisis is done… Congratulations. Fabulous post

        1. Flipkart is delivering most of things and so Amazon and there are other sites. I’ll text you tomorrow morning when husband wake up tomorrow. He knows few sites and authorities don’t stop them. Zomato started vegetables and fruit delivery.

  6. Congratulations on your bloggiversary, Yesha!! I was exactly the same way but i started my blog on a whim – likewise you, I didn’t know a thing about writing reviews or blogging at all!
    Look how far we’ve both come – we both receive ARCs and review requests from authors … so many amazing things have happened over the 3 (and a half) years (in my case)!

    Oh yes, I wish I could call a book ‘a breakfast read’! (I’m looking at you, Shalini dear <3)) Again, a girl can dream!
    Cheers to many more successful years to come, my lovely friend💗

  7. AHH CONGRATULATIONS on three years of blogging, what an incredible accomplishment, yay!! <3 Here's to many, many more years of blogging and fun 🙂

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