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Hello Readers! I’m pleased to shine a spotlight on Ode Ray’s debut fiction Of Magpies and Men. Please check out the book details in this post.

Of Magpies and Men by Ode Ray
Publication Date : February 2nd 2021
Genre : Fiction


Could any good come of longings that a person can never satisfy? If so, good for whom? 

Two corpses wash ashore in a picturesque Italian village, the violence that put them there is bound to a long-held secret and two strangers living worlds apart with seemingly nothing in common.  

Benedict Grant a high achiever, wealthy Londoner, leading a lonely life.

Marie Boulanger a nurse and single mum, struggling to make ends meet in Marseille.  

However, a mother’s illicit revelation will set in motion a chain of events that will reshape their identities, stir poignant family affairs and delve into the by-products of lawless decisions. 

Discover a captivating and moving tale of impossible yearnings that will stay with you long after its final page and a twist you won’t see coming. 

Book Links:

Goodreads | Amazon.com  | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.ca | Amazon.in | Amazon.com.au

Author Bio:

Ode Ray is a debut author. She was born just outside of Marseille, France. Since 2007, she has been based in leafy Oxfordshire, UK with her family. After spending most of her working life as a Marketer, educating consumers about the wonders of products such as whiteboards, she decided to put pen to paper to write “stories” of a different kind. Between school pick-ups and whilst also looking after her adorable toddler (who has yet to find a bookshelf he wouldn’t climb), she eventually finished her first novel, Of Magpies and Men.

 Social media links: Linktr | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Goodreads | Amazon’s author page | Facebook page

What do you think about the the book? Are you going to add it to TBR?


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