Monthly Wrap-Up : July 2020 & Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello Readers! This month was best month in 2020 for me. I got max views this month, read more books than I expected and for first time I was nominated in award. I don’t think I made it to voting but being nominated is more than voting or winning. And there were loads of family drama this month. Thank goodness I’m not involved in it.

Reading stats:

Books Read : 11
Pages Read : 3619
Reviews written : 9

Blog Stats:

Views : 2972
visitors : 1481
Likes : 1337
Comments : 313

Books Read:

Flying Solo by Zoe May — [Review] — ★★★★☆ / / Romcom, chick-lit / / Story of Rachel’s unplanned trip to Indian ashram. entertaining, dramatic and lovely romcom with amazing setting and some hilarious scenes.

Dark Waters (Monica Kennedy #2) by G.R. Halliday — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Thriller, Scottish Noir / / clever, horrifying, fast paced and well written sequel with vivid and gruesome description and beautiful yet dangerous setting.

What You Wish For by Katherine Center — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Women’s Fiction, Romance / /  meaningful, inspiring, feel good and entertaining emotional roller coaster with beautiful setting and amazing characters. If you still haven’t read any Katherine Center’s book, just get this one and start reading.

Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Women’s Fiction / / story of newbie mothers, their playgroup and a playgroup musician. entertaining, dramatic, a little dark and deep, and lovable women’s fiction.

Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank, Asha Youmans — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Women’s Fiction / / revolved around Josie’s life and school admission season. laugh out loud, feel good, and diverse women’s fiction with great characters and many hilarious scenes. 

Paris on Repeat (Wish & Wander #1) by Amy Bearce — [Review] ★★★★★ (4.5 Stars) / / Middle Grade, magical realism / / interesting spin on Groundhog Day. fast paced, both fun and sad magical realism fiction about friendship and courage. I recommend this to upper middle grade/teen readers.

Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry — [Review] ★★★★☆/ / Thriller / / Story of Cait and Rebecca’s 322 miles journey from Lubbock to Albuquerque. riveting and fast paced thrill ride with amazing characters and thought-provoking theme. I definitely recommend this.

Cynthia Smart’s Midwife Crisis by Liz Davies — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Romcom, chick-lit / / fun, amusing and feel good chick-lit that made laugh and giggle throughout the book. 

Rags-to-Riches Wife by Catherine Tinley — [Review] ★★★★★ (4.5 Stars) / / Historical Romance / / delightful and absorbing, well written regency romance with likable characters and plot.

Best of the month:

Other posts:

2020 Mid Year Freak Book Tag

#2020BOOKBLOGGERAWARDS : Nominations

Last week was good. I read 2 books. I would have read 3 but then Lucifer Morningstar happened and I’m so into Lucifer series, it’s addictive. I can’t think of any better Devil than Tom Ellis, he is so very tempting and I love celestial family drama. I finished first season and half second season in weekend.

What I read last week-

Judenrein by Harold Benjamin

This was interesting thriller, plot driven story with many characters but one cannot expect to connect with them. It was more like action movie, like Rambo where ex-military main character tries to stop sinister plan of villains in dystopian world dominated by whites. I enjoyed this one.

Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer

Story of Hudson family in which Lisa and her children have complicated love life. They had trust issues because of past and weren’t sure what to do with their feeling until they get together for summer and storm loomed over Nantucket island. I’m not sure what to rate this. It was bit slow in second half but layer of environmental crisis was really good.

Currently reading-

A hilarious and charming read that had me turning the pages until I’d devoured the whole book in one sitting… Sweet, heart-warming and full of gorgeously escapist descriptions… A must-read.’ Daily Express, 5 stars

Natalie Jackson might keep up appearances on Instagram, but in reality her fiancé has just jilted her after the birth of their baby and she’s moved back in with her mum. Life isn’t exactly going to plan!

So when she enters the village raffle for the holiday of a lifetime, she thinks she has no chance of winning. But her name is pulled out – and, as luck would have it, so is a ticket bought by her childhood nemesis: Will Brimble.

Surely a romantic holiday for two is the worst idea ever…right?

Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Sophie Ranald and Lindsey Kelk.

I’m 60% through this book. So far it’s entertaining. My stop is on 5th.

Next I’ll be Reading-

Bound to You (The Demon Knights Series, #1) by Alyson Caraway

Coriel is determined to rid the world of demons and prove she has what it takes to be archangel. But when a fierce battle ends in tragedy on her orders, she is banished from the Heavens–and finds herself at the mercy of Hell’s sexiest and most powerful demon knight.

He’s the demon knight who wants her

Rather than take his rightful place on Hell’s throne, Zagan prefers to spend his days in the human realm corrupting souls–and he’ll end the life of any angel who tries to stop him. But rather than slay the beautiful battle angel when he has the chance, he binds her to him with his life-saving kiss, forcing her to obey his every command.

The line is drawn

Coriel has no choice but to submit to her captor, though the curse of his kiss is not what lures her to him. While Zagan takes great pleasure in exerting his dominance over the Heavens’ fiercest warrior, he soon wants her to do more than just his bidding. As the war between angels and demons rages, he wants her by his side … to rule Hell as his queen. 

Who doesn’t like story of Angels and Demons! Actually, I haven’t read many books in this theme but I would love to after watching Lucifer. This book is releasing on 7th and I’ll be reviewing this on same day. I have to limit watching Lucifer to 1 episode a day so I can finish this book on time.

This Was a Man (The Clifton Chronicles #7) by Jeffrey Archer

This Was a Man is the captivating final instalment of the Clifton Chronicles, a series of seven novels that has topped the bestseller lists around the world, and enhanced Jeffrey Archer’s reputation as a master storyteller.

This Was a Man opens with a shot being fired, but who pulled the trigger, and who lives and who dies?

In Whitehall, Giles Barrington discovers the truth about his wife Karin from the Cabinet Secretary. Is she a spy or a pawn in a larger game?

Harry Clifton sets out to write his magnum opus, while his wife Emma completes her ten years as Chairman of the Bristol Royal Infirmary, and receives an unexpected call from Margaret Thatcher offering her a job.

Sebastian Clifton becomes chairman of Farthings Kaufman bank, but only after Hakim Bishara has to resign for personal reasons. Sebastian and Samantha’s talented daughter, Jessica, is expelled from the Slade School of Fine Art, but her aunt Grace comes to her rescue.

Meanwhile, Lady Virginia is about to flee the country to avoid her creditors when the Duchess of Hertford dies, and she sees another opportunity to clear her debts and finally trump the Cliftons and Barringtons.

In a devastating twist, tragedy engulfs the Clifton family when one of them receives a shocking diagnosis that will throw all their lives into turmoil.

Last book of the series and this time I won’t read it simultaneously. I’m planning to read this in weekends.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments if you have read any of these book, which was your favourite book of the month, and what are you planning to read this month.

Happy Reading!

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Monthly Wrap-Up : June 2020

Hello Readers! This month felt long with many sleepless night and some frustrating WiFi issues with my slow laptop and mobile data. I so need new laptop and I hope sale arrives soon. COVID-19 positivity rate is high in Hyderabad and they are talking of another lock down in few days. Hospitals don’t have ventilators and oxygen cylinders. My husband fears if something happened to us we wouldn’t get treatment here and thinking we should fly back to our hometown at my parents’ home. There too cases are more and but at least we have doctors in family. We haven’t decided anything yet but if we are going we will leave in first week of August and will return, maybe, in Dec. And if not, still we will visit our hometown but in Nov and come back after Christmas.

Reading stats:

Books Read : 9 (Actually 9.75! Still need to read last 100 pages of Cometh the hour)
Pages Read : 3018
Reviews written : 8

Blog Stats:

Views : 2734
visitors : 1419
Likes : 1238
Comments : 213

Books Read:

Love is What You Bake of it (Meraki #1) by Effie Kammenou — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Romance / / entertaining and heart warning love story with beautiful setting, interesting characters and lots of mouthwatering confection.

No Signal (iMe, #2) by Jem Tugwell — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Dystopia, futuristic sci-fi / / brilliant, thought provoking, and impressive sci-fi thriller with realistic characters and intimidating world.

Any Day With You by Mae Respicio — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Middle Grade / / heartwarming, charming, lovely, and a perfect middle grade story with multigenerational Filipino family and culture.

Episodic Sleep Disorders by E.L. Haines — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / Mystery / / quick, intriguing, dark mystery with vivid description and eerie setting. I recommend this book to fans of short stories.

From the Shadows (Monica Kennedy #1) by G.R. Halliday — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / Crime Fiction / / compelling, dark and interesting Scottish Noir with many twist and turns. 

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Historical Fiction / / simple yet beautiful, lovely and refreshing historical fiction with amazing characters and setting.

Say Yes Summer by Lindsey Roth Culli — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / YA Contemporary / / fluffy, feel good, enjoyable, cute and coming of age YA contemporary with lovable characters.

Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Mystery / / deep, impactful, powerful, and thought-provoking mystery with great characters, philosophical writing and eye-opening history, and honest and raw representation of grief, loss and mental illness.

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust / / Fantasy / / Amazing world building based on Persian mythology and interesting characters.

My Favorite books of the month:

In July I’m going to read 5 another NetGalley books and 4 books for tour.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments if you have read any of these book and which was your favorite book of the month.

Happy Reading!

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Monthly Wrap-Up : May 2020 & Weekly Wrap-Up (1/6/’20) #MonthlyWrapup #WEEKINREADING #WeeklyWrapup #BooksTeacupnReviews

Hello Readers! This month was good in terms of reading. I read 9 books. Thanks to being awake till late night or sometimes till early hours of morning. Half the time my daughter doesn’t sleep till 2:30 a.m. and rest of the time, I can’t sleep. I’m used to this unusual sleeping schedule now. I received 4 more NetGalley widgets so now total NetGallely books to read are 18. I hope to read at least 7 NetGalley books in June and if possible finish Clifton Chronicles. All books were great so far but I was reading the series since last year! Finally I can put all 7 books on far side of shelf and start new series. Possibly Grishaverse or Jenny Colgan’s books. After roasting in 44 °C for a month FINALLY IT RAINED yesterday for 3 hours. Now it’s 36 °C outside but it feels good in home. Weather is showing rain today and tomorrow as well. I hope temperature stays down after tomorrow.

Books I read in May :

Books Read : 9
Pages Read : 2985

Breaking Storm (White Wattle Creek #1) by Vikki Holstein — [Review] ★★★★★

Romantic suspense that revolved around Kelsey- who was trying to save her daughter Pipa and Brian- who was trying to mend relationship with his sister and seek justice against a drug dealer who had ruined many lives. It was about finding hope, happiness and home, having faith, believing in yourself once again, and getting back the control and confidence in life. Intriguing, suspenseful, and emotive romantic suspense with amazing characters and family dynamic. I recommend this to fans of this genre.

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown — [Review] ★★★★☆

Slow-burn mystery thriller that revolved around two women from different background, one a con with plan of heist and other rich heiress spending her time in loneliness. It was about grifting, con, gap between rich and poor and their mindset about it, social media and its illusion, pretty things and its not-so-pretty reality, dysfunctional family, friendship, love, deceit and betrayal. Impressive, deceitful, and twisted tale of two women with lots of secrets. I recommend this to fans of this genre, specifically those who don’t mind slow pace and descriptive, philosophical writing.

New Wave by Kevin Nguyen — [Review] ★★★☆☆

General fiction that revolved around two friends Margo and Lucas, Lucas discovering more about Margo after her death, and coping with grief and loss. It was about technology and start up tech companies in 2000s, music, work and living in New York, and mainly friendship, loss and grief, racism at workplace and in society. Different read than usual. Some things I like, some I didn’t but definitely very observant fiction. 

Shadowed By Despair (Laith #3) by Candace Robinson — [Review] ★★★★★

Amazing dark fantasy, final book in Laith trilogy. It revolved around adventurous journey of Perin and Tavarra to break curse but this time not Tavarra’s but Perin’s curse. It was about not judging whole species based on bad experience, two sides of the world that has both evil and good in it, love, new friendship, and for a change let others help and care for you. Gripping, adventurous, page-turner, and twisted fantasy with amazing world and characters. I recommend it to all dark fantasy lovers, but note it should be read it order.

All the Pretty Things by Emily Arsenault — [Review] ★★★☆☆

YA small town mystery that revolved around Fabuland amusement park, Ethan’s death and reason behind Morgan’s silence. It was about workplace harassment, health risks at amusement park, motivated perception and ignorance. It wasn’t exactly thriller. Characters were interesting but not in depth. Dialogues were not good.  If you want an easy mystery, love amusement park and mystery in it with a little creepy feel, go ahead.

As Much As I Ever Could by Brandy Woods Snow — [Review] ★★★★★

Wonderful YA contemporary romance that revolved around CJ grieving loss of mother and sister in accident, about getting over loss, giving second chance to life and love, learning to love yourself again, accepting the reality than running away, forgiveness, friendship, family, and racing. Compelling contemporary with refreshing characters, summery setting and amazing emotional roller-coaster. I highly recommend this book to fans of YA Contemporary.

Just Me by Deidre Huesmann, Roxas James, Kate Larkindale, Medeia Sharif — [Review] ★★★★★

Collection of four lovely and refreshing YA, LGBTQ stories about feelings and life of queer young adults that included problems they face in the world, self-identity as queer for first time, their feelings on coming out to world and family, accepting and expressing true feelings, love, friendship and family. each stories represented relationships wonderfully. It’s perfect for LGBTQ readers.

Mightier Than the Sword (The Clifton Chronicles #5) by Jeffrey Archer ★★★★☆

Another stellar book in this compelling Historical fiction series that revolved around two family and their never ending problems. It was about, good vs bad, don’t get greedy, sticking to morals and principles will always be rewarding, fight for yourself at right time, fate, family, love and passion. Review will be up tomorrow.

Other Posts:

Book of the month-

What I read Last week-

Proximity (iMe #1) by Jem Tugwell

I enjoyed this near future techno thriller. I haven’t read anything like this before. I loved pros and cons of technology represented in this through iMe technology and characters’ view and experience with it. I liked the idea and theme. It was both fascinating and intimidating at the same time. It will be easy 5 star from me. I highly recommend this book. Review will be up this week.

Currently Reading-

Cometh the Hour (The Clifton Chronicles #6) by Jeffrey Archer

Cometh the Hour opens with the reading of a suicide note, which has devastating consequences for Harry and Emma Clifton, Giles Barrington and Lady Virginia.

Giles must decide if he should withdraw from politics and try to rescue Karin, the woman he loves, from behind the Iron Curtain. But is Karin truly in love with him, or is she a spy?

Lady Virginia is facing bankruptcy, and can see no way out of her financial problems, until she is introduced to the hapless Cyrus T. Grant III from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who’s in England to see his horse run at Royal Ascot.

Sebastian Clifton is now the Chief Executive of Farthings Bank and a workaholic, whose personal life is thrown into disarray when he falls for Priya, a beautiful Indian girl. But her parents have already chosen the man she is going to marry. Meanwhile, Sebastian’s rivals Adrian Sloane and Desmond Mellor are still plotting to bring him and his chairman Hakim Bishara down, so they can take over Farthings.

Harry Clifton remains determined to get Anatoly Babakov released from a gulag in Siberia, following the international success of his acclaimed book, Uncle Joe. But then something unexpected happens that none of them could have anticipated.

Cometh the Hour is the penultimate book in the Clifton Chronicles and, like the five previous novels – which were all New York Times bestsellers – showcases Jeffrey Archer’s extraordinary storytelling with his trademark twists.

I finished 40% of this book and so far it’s interesting. First few chapters I enjoyed as they were the end and wrap-up of previous book but then I felt moody, tired of Virginia and another plot from enemies but then Giles’ new girlfriend and secrets about her picked my interest and now I want to read more.

No Signal (iMe #2) by Jem Tugwell

In a breathtaking follow-up novel to ‘Proximity’, Serge says it’s the ultimate Augmented Reality game. He’s chosen his Ten carefully – the reckless, driven and strong. He tests them. Ten become Four.

DI Clive Lussac wants to fight the system that controls everything, but he’s ill and losing the people closest to him. In the middle of eco-
protests, he’s lost four tourists.

As Clive’s world unravels, he and his partners DC Ava Miller and DS Zoe Jordan race to find the tourists and the true reason behind the game. It may already be too late.

The UK has embedded technology – iMe.
It knows where you are… all the time. It controls what you eat.
It has eradicated crime and made everyone healthy.

The world is on the brink.
The Government talks but doesn’t act.
It thinks it’s safe.

Who will ignite it
Who has the determination to see it through?
What will be sacrificed for the cause? 

Finished 25% of this book. I’m enjoying the game planned by culprit and so many are involved in it. I can’t wait to see what their ultimate plan is and how is it going to affect Clive and government.

Next this week-

From the Shadows (Monica Kennedy #1) by G.R. Halliday

A stunning, atmospheric police procedural set against the grit of Inverness and the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands, this is the first book in the DI Monica Kennedy series.

Sixteen-year-old Robert arrives home late. Without a word to his dad, he goes up to his bedroom. Robert is never seen alive again.

A body is soon found on the coast of the Scottish Highlands. Detective Inspector Monica Kennedy stands by the victim in this starkly beautiful and remote landscape. Instinct tells her the case won’t begin and end with this one death.

Meanwhile, Inverness-based social worker Michael Bach is worried about one of his clients whose last correspondence was a single ambiguous text message; Nichol Morgan has been missing for seven days.

As Monica is faced with catching a murderer who has been meticulously watching and waiting, Michael keeps searching for Nichol, desperate to find him before the killer claims another victim.

From the Shadows introduces DI Monica Kennedy, an unforgettable new series lead, perfect for fans of Ann Cleeves’ Vera, Susie Steiner and Peter May.

I downloaded Dark Waters second book in this series without knowing it was part of series but luckily I got NetGalley widget of this first book from publisher. from what I have heard this is great book. Can’t wait to read this one.

How was your month in reading? Have you read any of these books or are you going add to your TBR? Which book(s) was your favorite this month? What are you reading in June?

Happy Reading!

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Monthly Wrap-Up : April 2020 #MonthlyWrapup #BooksTeacupnReviews

Hello readers! I hope you all are at home, safe and adjusted to this long lock down situation. It was difficult in the beginning but things has settled down in good way. Although I miss evening walk and window shopping in weekends and I’m really tired of cooking all the time. It feel like I just prepared lunch and spent few time doing something and it’s already time to cook dinner! Am I only one who feels that? For once I would like to enjoy ready meal.

I read many books and wrote one discussion and one list post and I got tons of eBooks. Okay, that’s bit exaggeration but I feel they are too many and I just couldn’t stop myself from getting them. They are all so awesome. I should write post what I received.

Total books read : 9
Reviews : 8
Pages read : 3295

Books I read in April:

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren — [Review] ★★★★★

LGBT, contemporary romance about finding and accepting true self, being you and loving yourself the way you are, family relationship, Mormonism, views on bisexuals and gays and their feelings, friendship, and m/m romance. This book was amazing. Loved Family dynamic, friendship and relationship. It was perfectly balanced. It was lovely, heartwarming, refreshing, and the best contemporary romance and LGBT book I ever read.

Those Who Came Before by J.H. Moncrieff — [Review] ★★★★★ (4.5)

Those Who Came Before

This book revolved around a survivor, a detective, a dreadful mythical creature, and cursed Native American land. It was about horrible human deed, sins and its consequences, vengeance, violence, and greed, police brutality, curse and disease, and kindness vs cruelty. First few chapters were filled with lots of blood, gore and grotesque murders. All characters were flawed and interesting. Best part of the book was Wendigo. Author did amazing job in describing Wendigo, what people said about it and how it came to existence. It was creepy thrilling horror with horrible creature and amazing characters. Horror lovers would love to read this book.

The Memories We Bury by H.A. Leuschel — [Review] ★★★★★

51248269. sy475

psychological fiction about obsession, manipulations, friendship, family, trust and betrayal. About danger that comes with trusting a stranger that comes under title ‘neighbor’ and its consequences, impact of childhood and its role in shaping person, controlling parents and their mistakes. Loved the message and insight in this book and best thing about the book was it was very realistic. It was gripping, realistic, emotive, and steady paced psychological fiction with beautiful writing and great characters.

The Twin by Natasha Preston — [Review] ★★★☆☆ (3.5)


This was psychological thriller was basically an evil vs good twin novel. It was about unhealthy and toxic sister relationship, trust, betrayal and manipulations. This was great throughout the book but end ruined it for me. I couldn’t digest the end. It was great, dark, twisted, psychological thriller with brilliant villain but heavy and tragic end. Those who doesn’t want or expect happy ending in thrillers, will love it. I still can’t stop thinking about this book.

Verona Comics by Jennifer Dugan — [Review] ★★★★★

51901322. sx318 sy475

It was cute and complicated YA, queer contemporary about anxiety disorder and mental health issue, dysfunctional family, love and complications, learning to love yourself and life, looking for a solution of problem rather than finding an exit door. At first it thought it will be light hearted and cozy but it turned out much more complicated with serious issues. I loved how author showed young love and complications that comes with it, how course of life can be changed at any minute, one cannot have full control over life and most of all representation of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Overall, realistic, deep, complicated, and heartwarming YA LGBTQ cotemporary romance. I highly recommend this to fans of this genre.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon — [Review] ★★★★★

40379447. sy475

This book was awesome. A fantastic high fantasy about magic and mages, royal politics, religion and hypocrisy, legends with its truth and lies, love and friendship, good vs bad dragons, and putting away differences to fight the darkness of the world and changing mindset for great good. The plot was amazing and it was more complex than I thought. The world and the characters were vast and were equally balanced. Mysteries, actions, adventure, and surprises were in abundance. My most favorite part of the book was legends and magic.Overall, fantastic, mesmerizing, fast-paced, and mind-blowing fantasy with complex world and amazing characters. As said in the praises, “it was epic fantasy at its finest”. Even after reading 800 pages, I didn’t want it to end. It was that good. I highly recommend this book. I’m surely getting other books by Samantha Shannon.

The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson — [Review] ★★★★★

51093245. sx318 sy475

A poignant YA contemporary that revolved around May who lost her twin brother in school shooting and Zach whose life turns upside down when his mother took shooter’s case as defense lawyer. It was about grief, loss, guilt, depression, trauma, hope, friendship, family, and love. Characters were amazing. I loved friendship and relationship in this. Author narrated emotions of grief, loss and impact of school shooting perfectly. Overall, it was powerful, emotional and poignant YA contemporary with heavy topic that recommend to all.

NUTSI wants to catch the moon by Emma Paidge, Gaëlle Cogan (Translator) — [Review] ★★★★☆ [3.5]

42948368. sx318

This was short and cute children’s book about fear children feel and talking about them with your family. Message and illustrations were good. I wish more scenarios were explored and a warning note as well. It was good children’s book that parents and kids can read together and a great discussion starter.

Be Careful What You Wish For (The Clifton Chronicles #4) by Jeffrey Archer


This was another brilliant installment with many surprises and twist. I loved reading the Clifton and Barringtons’ tragic and dangerous situation and how they came out of the traps set by Martinez. Another cliffhanger that left me with no choice but start next book soon. I haven’t written review yet but these is no doubt it will be 5 stars from me. I’m shocked seeing some lower ratings for this book.

Other Posts:

List of horrible bosses in books

Best book of the month-

How was your month in reading?
Have you read any of these books or are you going add to your TBR?
Which book(s) was your favorite this month?

Happy Reading!

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#MonthlyWrapup : March 2020

Hello Readers! So this month was filled with bad news. Everyday something new and equally bad we hear. Looking at the constantly increasing cases and people constantly ignoring government and going out for gathering, this lock down is going to be more than just a month or two. Honestly, it hasn’t changed much in my routine as I only went out once weekly before this lock down.

This month was great in terms of reading, because almost all book I read were amazing and were 5 star reads. I added many books to TBR. From this month I’ll be reading what I feel I want to with alternate 1 NetGalley and 1 my own book.

This is 3rd blog anniversary month. I’m thinking to get plan for blog. I’m not going to stop blogging ever so I thought it would be good or at least get domain name.

What I read and reviewed this month-

Books Read: 8
Books reviewed: 7
Pages read: 2450

The Call of Death by R .J. Garcia — [Review] ★★★★★

I enjoyed this book.
The Call of Death was paranormal YA, part horror, part romance and suspense. It revolved around Hanna and her psychic ability. The book was about friendship, romance, doing right thing, using gift to help others, bravery, and good vs evil. It was interesting, thrilling and wonderfully written paranormal YA romance. I recommend it to fans of this genre.

Blackthorn by Terry Tyler — [Review] ★★★★★

I love books with thought provoking topics,which gives so much to discuss over. This was that kind of book. It should be popular book or at least this series.
Blackthorn was post-apocalyptic dystopia set in 2139, revolved around Blackthorn- a largest settlement in England, people in the city, their life under an oppressive ruler and how it changed with arrival of a charming traveler with his story of The Light. It was about politics and control, faith and belief vs cynicism and logic, communism, manipulations for personal gain, and fighting for loved ones. If I’m not wrong this was fifth book in Project Renova series. It was mind blowing, intriguing and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic dystopia that I recommend to fans of this genre.

The Break Up by Tilly Tennant — [Review] ★★★★★

I love both cats and dogs but cats are my most favorite. This book is perfect for cat lovers.
The Break Up was heartwarming chick lit, cozy romance and women’s fiction that revolved around Lara and life after heart break. It was about betrayal, working on your dream, coming out of heart break and finding closure of hurtful chapter in life, friendship, love, and pet love. It was lovely, refreshing and cozy chick lit, part romance and women’s fiction. I highly recommend this book.

In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A. McLellan — [Review] ★★★★★

Another thought-provoking book with heavy topic. It was just great.
In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree was historical fiction based on civil war, set in 1861-1866, a dark and brutal time period in American history. It was mainly about racism and its impact, civil war, antagonism, unjust law and exploitation, and fight for survival and what is fair and right. This book was highly disturbing and evocative. It was filled with so much horrors humans are capable to create and sick psychology. It was amazing, thought-provoking, and heart breaking historical fiction. I highly recommend this book to those who love to read books based on history and to historical fiction lovers.

Cynetic Wolf (Wolfish #1) by Matt Ward — [Review] ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

Hmm, this was only book that I didn’t rate 5 because of less descriptive world and few other things, otherwise it was unique and loved the concept.
Cynetic Wolf was post-apocalyptic, YA, science fiction set in 2096, revolved around 16-year-old Reak who found out he was a mix breed and how that changed his life. It was about oppressive government, insurgency, war, politics, friendship, love, betrayal, and fighting for better future and unity with chosen one trope. It was super-fast paced, enjoyable, action packed dystopian sci-fi, filled with twists and amazing world. I recommend this to fans of sci-fi.

Avocado Bliss by Candace Robinson, Gerardo Delgadillo — [Review] ★★★★★

I loved this one and best book by these two authors.
Avocado Bliss was refreshing YA contemporary romance that revolved around Avocado lover, Salbatora and Diabetes fighter, Dacre. It was about life of Type 1 diabetic, everyday struggle with disease, passion, coming out of shell and grief, insecurities with new friendship and love. It was lovely, delightful, and refreshing contemporary with serious topic and unique characters. I highly recommend this book to contemporary romance lovers.

A Day at the Zoo by Cassie Roberts — [Review] ★★★★★

A Day at the Zoo was cute imaginative picture book that revolved around two children and their adventures at the zoo. It was about trying different activities, never saying no to opportunities and enjoy the moment. it was entertaining story that educate kids both about animals and activates and at the same time encourage them with its great message.

I just finished Beyond The Moon. It was great read as well. I’m most probably going to to rate it 4.5. Review will be up this week.

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How was your month in reading? What did you read this month?
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