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Review Policy

I’m not accepting review requests unless you’re author I’ve worked with. Sorry, but I want to read my own books.
Not open for any promotional post or author interviews either.

Here is the list of my preferred genre-

  • YA
  • Fantasy
  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction (Women’s Fiction / Literary / Realistic )
  • Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller
  • Paranormal

I also read

  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fictions (WWI / WWII theme)
  • Middle Grade (Sometimes)

I don’t read –

  • Erotica
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction

Where I post reviews-

This blog (Amazon UK/US site doesn’t let me post reviews there
Social media- Twitter, Instagram


Note that my reviews are my view point/ opinion/ interpretation … In short what I personally feel about the book, not criticism towards author or his/her work).

All reviews will be spoiler free. I do not DNF books once I commit to read and review it. I do not guarantee positive reviews, low rating will have fair opinion.

If the book is part of series, I prefer to read it in order. I will not read book out of order even though it can be read standalone.

I’m a NetGalley member so I also accept NetGalley widgets.  

I do not charge anything but if you feel you’ve liked my work you can donate a small amount (it’s just $3) via Paypal on Ko-fi page by clicking on ‘Buy me a Coffee‘ button below. I would really appreciate it. (No pressure!)

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Feel free to write me if you have any questions through contact form.



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