#BookReview : The Age of Akra (Starchild #1) by Vacen Taylor


The Age of Akra (Starchild #1) by Vacen Taylor
Publication Date: March 8th 2013
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genre : High Fantasy / Middle grade
Pages: 142
Stars: ★★★★★

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The foreshadowing of a dark future threatens the seven nations of Sahas. Mai is selected to train with the mysterious elemental master Sah Dohba, who will prepare her to become the protector of the desert lands. Her brother Long steps forward to travel with her as her chaperone to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts.

A mysterious encounter brings them together with Akra, the Starchild. The trio travels on into a battle with the elements. Sandstorms. Deadly creatures. Starvation. Then a chance meeting with powerful earthfollower sets them on a new path where they must each find the strength to face a terrifying foe from the Underworld.

*** Note: I won this book in giveaways. ***

The Age of Akra was fantastic first book in the Starschild series. It was middle grade fantasy that revolved around Mai’s journey that turned into thrilling and dangerous adventure. It was about hope, friendship, bravery, and kindness.


There were 3 main characters- Mai, Long and Akra. Mai was 13-years-old brave and kind hearted girl who was chosen to go on arduous pilgrimage to train under master thoughtbanker. She was smart, talented thoughtbanker and was filled with courage, kindness and hope. She didn’t hesitate to take risk for others, even for those she hardly knew, to do right thing.

Long was 15 old, Mai’s elder brother and her chaperon on her journey. He was not as smart as Mai but he could morph into animal. He was timid but when the time came he showed courage and developed confidence by the end of the book. He made this tough journey and their dangerous adventure entertaining.

Akra was 10-year-old starchild, destined to save world when he can master all the elements. There was more to this kid. In the beginning he didn’t remember much about his life and purpose but he was smart, kind, wise and lovely. He was fascinating throughout the book and I’m curious to know more about him and his powers.

What I Liked-

This is my first book by author and I can tell she is great story teller. Writing was fabulous. Desert setting and the world of elemental magic was vividly described. I loved characters specially kids. They were smart and wise for their age.

It started with middle child Mai’s tests by ministers of 8 elemental magic and being selected to go on pilgrimage to the Velley of Thousand Thoughts where she would be trained and become part of the prophecy. When minister asked one person to chaperon Mai on this journey, one of her elder brother, Long, instantly volunteered. Both were bonded with each other more than with any other siblings but they hardly agreed on one thing. On their first day of the journey only, they started showing their polar thoughts that lead disagreements. On their way they encountered mysterious light. The prophecy that looked just stories till now turned into reality when they found a starchild, Akra.  Together they travelled through scorching desert, came across a wounded dying man, deadly creatures, and met some mysterious and powerful people that diverted them from their journey to the mountain of dark magic.

It was interesting, dark, and dangerous journey. I liked the chosen one and good vs evil arc in this book. Author turned this arc into extraordinary by including prophecy, elemental magic, giant serpent and spiders, dark magic, underworld monsters, and brave young characters.

What I loved most was world-building. I enjoyed reading about 8 elemental magic and seven nations, each nation was skilled in particular element, various powers of particular elemental magic, rift between nations, and how things were changing because of dark magic and rising of being from underworld.

There was adventure in every single chapter that kept me turning pages at jet speed. Twist and turns were clever. I couldn’t guess how they would save their new friend and fight dark magic. Climax was action packed and end was great. It was perfect story for the target audience. I can picture myself giving this book to my daughter after 6 years.

Overall, it was total fun, coming of age middle grade fantasy filled with action and magic. I highly recommend this to middle grade readers.

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Have you read books featuring elemental magic? What is your element? I’m Ice and Water according to this test, check out yours HERE.


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#Review : Best Kept Secret (The Clifton Chronicles #3) by Jeffrey Archer


Best Kept Secret (The Clifton Chronicles #3) by Jeffrey Archer
Publication Date: March 6th 2013
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 381
Stars: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

The third novel in Jeffrey Archer’s compelling saga, the Clifton Chronicles

1945. The vote in the House of Lords as to who should inherit the Barrington family fortune has ended in a tie. The Lord Chancellor’s deciding vote will cast a long shadow on the lives of Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington.

Harry returns to America to promote his latest novel, while his beloved Emma goes in search of the little girl who was found abandoned in her father’s office on the night he was killed.

When the General Election is called, Giles Barrington has to defend his seat in the House of Commons and is horrified to discover who the Conservatives select to stand against him. But it is Sebastian Clifton, Harry and Emma’s son, who ultimately influences his uncle’s fate.

In 1957, Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge, and a new generation of the Clifton family march onto the page. After Sebastian is expelled from school, he unwittingly becomes caught up in an international art fraud involving a Rodin statue that is worth far more than the sum it raises at auction. Does he become a millionaire? Does he go to Cambridge? Is his life in danger?

Best Kept Secret was most dramatic in The Clifton Chronicles series so far. It revolved around Clifton and Barrington’s life after dispute on inheritance of Barrington estate. New phase, new obstacles, and new enemies in their life. There was bit of everything, family drama, rivalry, court room drama, revenge, family support and love, loss, suspense, entertainment, politics, money and art fraud.

What I Liked-

The writing was amazing, I’m getting used to author’s style and I know what to expect from his books. Again the story was divided in time period tht started from 1945 and ended in 1957 narrated by Harry, Sebastian, Giles and Fisher. What I love most in this series is narration from antagonist. It spiced up stories in each book and so in this.

Book started from where the previous one ended. There was little overview on what happened in previous books, enough to catch up if you are picking book after a little gap but I suggest you read this book in order to get the clear picture.

The prologue concluded who inherited the fortunes of Barrington estate, which was satisfactory and relief for readers. Emma and Harry started their new life, Harry’s was now popular author and was on his journey to Time’s bestselling author; Emma started looking for Jessica, her half-sister and was planning to adopt her; Giles was quite successful, going to fight election for MP and was engaged. You would think what can go wrong! But by this time I should have known Barringtons and Cliftons are never ever short of troubles. There was loss of beloved family member that sparked the fire of trouble. And that trouble came in form of Giles’ wife, Lady Virginia and old nemesis Fisher. Not just that but Harry and Emma were facing their own parental issues.

Virginia and Fisher was dangerous combination. I couldn’t wait to see what they were up to and how Giles and other family member were going to fight them. Things were getting so dramatic, juicier, and entreating. I literally couldn’t put down the book. And just when one problem was solved, Seb got himself into bigger trouble, was caught in net of criminal and art fraud. It was exciting to read how Emma and Harry were going to save their son and what would be Seb’s future.

Character were developed and were growing wise and clever in as the series progressed by experiencing different phase and problem in life. I loved Jessica and Seb’s bonding. Seb was much clever, smarter and mature for his age. Martinez’s introduction and his life story was brilliant and even Virginia was mind-blowing. Emma never cease to awe me. She was fabulous in the book. Both old and new characters shined throughout the book.

The setting was perfect and I loved historical aspects in the book. Harry’s narration told about the publication industry, different publications styles in UK and US, mentions of famous authors and actors of the era. Emma’s narration told about the struggle of educated women, beginning of their rights and position in various industry. Gile’s story told about the politics, political system, thoughts about change in divorce law, election battles, and voting system during that time. I’m not big fan of politics but author’s writing style made it intriguing. Seb’s part dealt with art fraud which covered whole third half of the book. This was big surprise and very exciting portion, and I could figure out which secret title was referring to in this part. It will be best you don’t know much about it.

Twist and turns, climax it all was great. There were many surprising, tense, and edgier moments that kept me flipping pages. I can’t believe Clifton and Barrington made a new enemy who was deadlier than Virginia and Fisher combination. End was big cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read what this new enemy is going to do to next.

Why 4.5 stars-

Just small issue- Things were overly dramatic at some points. Seb’s teen trouble was given a bit more portion. I must say I liked second book more than this one.

Overall, it was dramatic, entertaining, suspenseful family saga with many twists and turns and interesting historical aspects. I really enjoyed this book.

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What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already or any in this series or any book by Jeffrey Archer? Are you going to add it to TBR?  Are you fan of historical fiction? Recommend your series favorite in this genre? Nothing Ventured, first in William Warwick  series is released this month. The main character of this new series was mentioned throughout Clifton Chronicles. What do you think about it? Are you going to read it?


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Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency #3) by Iain Reading


Published: April 19th 2013

Read Date: December 2017

Pages: 306

Stars: 5/5

5 star_crop

Goodreads blurb_edited

Following in the footsteps of her hero Amelia Earhart, Kitty Hawk sets off on an epic flight around the world and arrives in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik where she finds herself immersed in a beautiful alien world of volcanoes, Vikings, elves and trolls. Before she knows it Kitty is plunged head first into an amazing adventure that sweeps her across a rugged landscape where humans and nature exist side-by-side in an uneasy truce and magical realms seem to lie just out of sight beneath the surface.

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue is the dazzling third installment of the Flying Detective Agency series featuring Kitty Hawk, an intrepid teenaged seaplane pilot with boundless curiosity and a knack for getting herself into – and out of – all kinds of precarious situations.

This is a perfect book to fire the imaginations of readers of all ages – armchair explorers and amateur detectives alike. From dangerous criminals and corrupt government officials to mystical beings and clashes with the elemental forces of nature, this book has it all. Come and join Kitty Hawk as she experiences the strange and extraordinary world of the Icelanders, and unravels the Icelandic Intrigue.


Charlie Foxtrot Kilo Tango Yankee has left Key West and continue around the world trip. It halts at No Name Key, visits the town that has the same name as hers in North Carolina, explores cemetery in Halifax, stop at Gander, Greenland and then finally arrives to the rugged mystique landscape of Nordic nation where Kitty immerse in another mystery, Iceland.

Here Kitty learns lot about Iceland. Energy production by geothermal plants and hydroelectric dam Iceland and its use in Aluminum production was the center point of the plot and whole adventure revolved around it.

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue is third book in ‘Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency’ series. I suggest to read it in order.


Kitty was as usual very cool, awe-inspiring, curious 17 old girl that you can’t help but like her. I like her in this book even more than first two because of her monologues and she was little less nosy.

New characters of the book were interesting. I liked Charlie’s friend Konrad and his wonderful family. They were so kind and sweet to Kitty.

What I liked_edited

First of all thing I loved that was the same like previous books are-

Cool protagonist and narration in her cool voice, Awesome easy to follow writing, All facts and history about the places Kitty visit which makes this book likeable by larger audience, Adventure, and Some further reading about places at the end of the book, of course all google-able.

The difference in this one from first two book that I liked was-

First, in this one Kitty got into adventure not because of her curiosity but because she was in right place at wrong time. Second, the adventure was more dangerous than first two book. It involved murder, kidnapping, guns, shooting, Kitty running for her life, and then there was elves and hidden people which was pretty interesting. Third, this time she got herself not in middle of treasure but in middle of those in the conquest of power and money, corrupt government and greedy companies.

Human beings seems to be a lot better at finding differences among themselves than animals are.

My goodness, this series is plethora of information. There was loads of info on Icelandic people, culture, literacy, government, food (which was even more interesting), Vikings, weather, volcanos famous places to visit and lot more- some serious facts, some crazy and some wow facts. Best thing to know about Iceland I learned was how unique this country is from other places in the world. I know petty lot about Iceland that I feel like I just came back after spending few months there. Luckily just after reading just this book, I got video rec on Youtube ‘Allan Walker- I want you back’ that was shoot in Iceland and I could recognize all the places I googled while reading this book.

Sometimes these voices inside our heads can be difficult, can’t they, not to mention unsupportive of our ideas.

I liked how author portrayed different views on the use of geothermal energy for aluminum smelters or production of aluminum through recycling and overall environmental damage in both by using Iceland’s resource and without it. It was very cleverly written and also remarkable to convert into the main theme of the book.

You’re going on an adventure… and along the way you will see amazing things and meet amazing people, and most of all you will encounter cultures that will seem very strange and beliefs that are very contrary to yours. And you have to respect those different cultures and beliefs… They are the whole point of going out and seeing the wide world in the first place.

The mystery was not that intense like previous books. It was pretty clear at certain point who was messing with machine at construction site and why. But there was more to it that caught me by surprise in climax.

The end was unique, I liked the way author included whole court scene and of course that speech which was very deep and meaningful. There were many good meaningful lines throughout the book that I liked and I even quoted few in this review as well. Epilogue was also surprising that I suggest not to miss.


Overall, definitely awesome. Those who loves to travel and adventure and are curious to know more like protagonist of this book and me will love to read this book.


Author: Iain Reading

Iain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently resides in the Netherlands working for the United Nations.

Iain is the author of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series, The Wizards of Waterfire Series, and the dragon of the month club. To learn more, go to http://www.kittyhawkworld.com/

Buy Here: Amazon.in / Amazon.com

*** Note: I received this book from the author via Kelsey @bookpublicityservices, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got chance to read this book. ***

What do you think of the book and review? Have you read this book or any book in this series? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below!

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Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency #2) by Iain Reading

KH 2

Published: September 10th 2013

Read Date: December 18th 2017

Pages: 339

Stars: 5/5

5 star_crop

Goodreads blurb_edited

Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost is the exciting second installment in a new series of adventure mystery stories that are one part travel, one part history and five parts adventure.

This second book in the series continues the adventures of Kitty Hawk, an intrepid teenage pilot who has decided to follow in the footsteps of her hero Amelia Earhart and make an epic flight around the entire world.

After flying across North America Kitty’s journey takes her down south to Florida where she plans to get a bit of rest and relaxation before continuing on with the rest of her long and grueling flight. As Kitty explores the strange and magical water world of the Florida Keys her knack for getting herself into precarious situations sweeps her headlong into the adventure of a lifetime involving mysterious lights, ancient shipwrecks, razor-toothed barracudas and even a sighting of the great Ernest Hemingway himself.

This exhilarating story will have armchair explorers and amateur detectives alike anxiously following every twist and turn as they are swept across the landscape and history of the Florida Keys all the way from Key West to the strange and remarkable world of Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas.

Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost is a perfect book to fire the imaginations of readers of all ages. Filled with fascinating and highly Google-able locations and history this book will inspire anyone to learn about and experience as much of our amazing world as they can – just like Kitty Hawk herself.


Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost is second book in ‘Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency’ series.

Charlie Foxtrot Kilo Tango Yankee has returned from the summer adventure solving the mystery of Curse of the Yukon Gold (first book) and ready to starts her solo flight around the world in her De Havilland Beaver on the exactly same date Amelia Earhart started her around the world flight in 1937 and will take you across Canada and down to Miami and then Florida Keys, Key West and Fort Jefferson and will solve the mystery of Ghost of Hemingway.

Like the first book, this one also more part history, equal part adventure and so much learning of geographical facts and history, all this in cool narration by teenage protagonist of the book, Kitty Hawk.

This book can be read standalone but I would suggest start from beginning. You won’t miss much of story but you’ll definitely miss the fun knowing about Kitty’s childhood, her hometown, and of course mystery on Curse of the Yukon Gold.


Kitty Hawk was brilliant throughout the book. Her curious and nosy nature got her into another mystery and also kept it exciting because of her risk-taking nature. I so love this character. Her voice, monologues and spirit was remarkable. Her excitement and curiosity in the book was so contagious that I didn’t want to stop reading about this character. She is my favorite YA heroine.

I loved her father in the beginning of the book for getting her plane ready, planning the rout, supporting her so much. I also liked him during their vacation and definitely for his view for vacation. I’m that kind of person so it was easy for me to like him.

Most people think a vacation is time to relax and take it easy. My father, on the other hand, thinks a vacation is a time to do things, go places, see things, and experience everything. For him, vacations rarely involve taking easy, and they are almost never relaxing.

There were two new characters in the book, Jack and Jodi, like brothers in first book who stayed with Kitty till the end. They were so brilliant and were like Wikipedia in the no internet zone of Fort Jefferson. I liked this duo in the book.

What I liked_edited

I’m so happy with this book that I would tell straight away that grab this book series and read on.  

Unique thing about the book is there was prologue and a chapter zero as well. A perfect start of the book that gave the idea on what kind of adventure trouble Kitty was that made me curious to see what put her into that situation. Loved title of each chapter that were justified in the content of it. Oh and that cover is so beautiful and appropriate.

Let’s talk about the best thing of the book that was impressive. This book, in fact this series is so unlike the usual YA adventures. So full of information that you can also mark this book as good study material in fun way. I enjoyed reading all about new places, facts and histories related to those places and places to visit and famous food there all through this story. I felt like I don’t even know world outside India and should have join Kitty to explore the world if she was a real character.

Narration of all places and even from Kitty’s plane were very descriptive and vivid, especially the sea views and underwater world. This adventure felt so real because of real places included with it, I felt like I was living the adventure and visiting all places through words and lines of the book. Writing was great, characters were great and mystery was definitely mind blowing. Super Great!

First few chapters were about Kitty’s preparation with her seaplane, some modifications and installation of new gears, preparing itinerary, marking the map with stay and refueling and taking care of all necessary thing for around the world flight. Then as she started her flight, she took stops before reaching to Miami for vacation with her family which also included visiting more places, more good-to-know info and then little rest and exploration in Key West where she saw Ghost of Hemingway and so started hunt for ghost of Hemingway which lead her to Hemingway’s ship and them to mysterious glow in the water and to very depth of that mystery. Author created great suspense and the mystery was not fully revealed till second half of the book. I loved how Kitty unraveled it one by one and information she got during that part was unbelievably brilliant.

Thing that I loved to learn from this book were, Whale festival, story of Sleeping Giant, Overseas highway and railway bridge, Jefferson Fort and history related to it, Barracudas, Hemingway’s house tour in which the book recommendation was also given for first time Hemingway readers that I bookmarked for future read, Spaniard’s way of transporting treasure and salvation of them from the shipwrecks, world’s greatest treasure hunter and many more that I avoided because of spoiler.

Twists in the book and the end was surprising. I liked to read the facts and little more details about the places mentioned in the book at the end and as mentioned in the blurb, everything was Google-able. Website links were given by author for self-research and for those who are interested in reading things more detailed. 


Overall, it was fun and interesting underwater and sea adventure. A book for readers of any age who loves adventure and like to explore different places or interested in history.


About the Author:

Iain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently resides in the Netherlands working for the United Nations.

Iain is the author of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series, The Wizards of Waterfire Series, and the dragon of the month club. To learn more, go to http://www.kittyhawkworld.com/

Buy Here: Amazon.in / Amazon.com

*** Note: I received this book from the author via Kelsey @bookpublicityservices, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already or any of the books by this author?  Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

King's peace

The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

Published: October 6th 2013

Read Date: November 1st 2017

Pages: 228

Stars: 4/5

4 star_crop

Goodreads blurb_edited

The Kingdom is young and yet it stands in great peril. Dark tales of the unnatural have reached the King’s city. The King is slain in his bed and the storm on the horizon brings black ships closer to the coastal city of Erenon. Nathaniel, a clever thief has stumbled upon a job that brings him to the home of the King when he is slain and Nathaniel is unwillingly dragged into the quest to reach the southern garrison which has gone quiet in recent months. Strange powers are helping and hindering him and the small company of soldiers dispatched to that garrison as war comes to the city.

They will find those horrors that plague the common man, an ancient dragon legend will unravel, and a deception so epic in scale it involves the Gods. The whole world of man and nations who live on the other side of the mountain range known as the Great Divide will come together in a war no one really understands and as the kingdom fights to survive it will face an enemy they know nothing about.


This book was full of adventure, action, dark magic, conflicts, battle and war, hatred and darkness of human heart. It was story of thief and soldiers of kingdom started their journey with small group through king’s road towards Southern garrison to find king’s nephew so that he could save the Erenon from the dark power rising on the coast of kingdom and rule it after mysterious murder of the King.


Nathaniel, protagonist, was a thief who lived his life in slum and around thieves in the city. He was sensitive and kind person who lived by set of his own principles. When he joined the soldiers on the travel he learned lot of new things and as the story progressed his character was developed. At the end of the book I liked everything about this character.

Few soldier in the journey played important role. Events in the book changed my point towards them frequently. And at the end I was surprised by author, my whole guessing about them was changed in climax.

Other characters that had little role in book were very interesting and it was amazing how they played their part and made the story more thrilling like, Tommy Hill in war.

What I liked_edited

First 18% of the book was about the background of main character, Nathaniel, his life as thief and the world within the city wall where he lived, which was not very good picture.

The story actually picked my interest when Jorge, Duke of kingdom appointed Natheniel to go on deadly mission of finding King’s nephew and getting the information about what is happening at the southern garrison. At this point on, I understood more about Kingdom and the King of Erenon, what was the King’s peace actually.

I loved the whole middle portion of the book. The journey through the King’s road till they reach to garrison. This introduced the real world outside city walls. There were lot of adventure and horror on the journey. The trolls, missing children, vampires and fair folks, rat people and many more. All the stories about people living outside the city wall was horrible and their condition was miserable.

Overall, Erenon was totally screwed up kingdom and I loved how author created this dark world. I was so interested in knowing everything about this kingdom and things related to it.

The magic of the Gods lies within you, within all of us. The strength of your belief is the key.

Another thing I loved in the book was dark humor by characters in the toughest and dangerous situation. They were breather in the story. And NO LOVE STORY. I really thank author for writing this book without any silly romance and still making it such thrilling adventurous tale.

New Gods were mysterious and very different than any mythical Gods I have read. Their ways were also different and sometimes things related to them in the book was confusing which was whole astral travel portion in the book, but everything was crystal clear after climax. New Gods, their acts, King’s Peace, unknown enemy and choices made by characters were the key points that created amazing turning points in the book.

Even in solitude you are not alone. There is a dual nature in all of us, paths we shall choose and those we are set upon choices.

Climax, last 30% of the book was so damn gripping. There were all the answers I was looking for. Who was the enemy, who started this war and unleashed dark forces on kingdom, also I was taken back to the first chapter of the book and what was link behind it. It set all the puzzled pieces into a clear picture. Perfect climax and perfect end.

End was uncertain. I was not expecting what thief decided to choose. But it was creative and open ended. I hope author decide to write more and I wish to see Richard and Nathaniel again. And I also want to complete that book and would like to know more from it.

why not 5 stars_edited

The reason I cut the stars was, I could get into the book in the beginning. I was not feeling the charm and grip until 18% of the book I didn’t have much hope for the book, if I was not in the mood to continue the book, I might have gave up. And then there was constant feeling of no proper explanation and details specially for the events happened in first chapter. (I’m glad I didn’t give up and after that first 18%, the book was brilliantly awesome.)

The e-copy I read, there was no map!! This books so damn need a map. I hope it is added in final physical copy.


This was creative dark fantasy novel, that will give horrors and thrill in every every chapter with great twist and turns. I strongly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.


Author: Kevin Hammond

Buy Here: Amazon.com / Amazon.in

*** Note: I received book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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