#Blitz : Belters by Greg Alldredge @MrAlldredge @Shalini_G26

Hello readers! I’m pleased to be part of blitz tour for Belters by Greg Alldredge, organized by Shalini @Digital Reads Blog Tours. Check out book details and excerpt from this sci-fi in this post.


While humanity races toward the stars…

…They never expected to find company.

The Earth is dying, fractured by conflict, pollution, and disease. Old divisions make the jump to space. Can they survive?

Life spreads, as the Moon, Mars, and Ceres all become hubs for human expansion. Earth provides an ever-ready source of bodies willing to risk all for space.

For the wheelchair-bound Jacob, a chance to leave proves a no brainer…

… Freedom waits for him. Zero gravity becomes his great equalizer.

All is not bliss. Secretive corporations call the shots. Humankind struggles to find a place in the dark, free of Earth’s influence.

An unexplained gamma-ray burst threatens the delicate balance. Weapon, alien, or terrestrial, the cause must be discovered.

Three unlikely ships join together in an extraordinary interplanetary adventure. All to seek the truth and discover what lies beyond.

Follow humanity as they make a leap to the stars, long before discovering Far Reach Station.


Two-liter paint cans were lobbed at the front of the car, covering the front windshield and blocking Lea’s view of the gate into the CBD.

Without help, she would be lucky to reach the safety behind the wall. If the sensors on the car were disabled, she would be screwed. No matter how thick the armor, a determined attack would eventually find a way inside.

A series of pops and white plumes of smoke was the only indication help was on the way. Despite the heavy filtration system of the vehicle, she tasted the sting of pepper spray. Guards on the wall covered her approach.

Never to let passengers stress out over the environment, the car increased the oxygen level in the cabin while turning up the volume of the insipid relaxation music. “Remain calm, the situation is under control.” The inane mechanical voice spoke softly to her.

Today wasn’t the day she’d be pulled from the safety of her ride to be murdered in the streets by club-wielding thugs. Though she expected that might be the way she one day would meet her end.

Lea relaxed slightly. The way to the CBD cleared under the rain of teargas canisters. The defenders of the gate moved to suppress the crowd. A line of plexiglass shields and truncheons marched toward the transport.

On the wall, mounted water cannons poised to strike the mob with high-pressure jets of saltwater.

Lea’s celebration proved to be short-lived. An explosion rocked the car. The storefront next to the gate erupted in a flash, shredding protesters and defenders alike before her eyes. Lea could no longer hear the hum of the drive wheels. The ringing in her ears covered all other sounds. The steady ring of automatic fire pummeled the walls of her chariot.

Get Belters now.


Author Bio:

Greg Alldredge grew up reading all the excellent Science Fiction and Fantasy of the past decades. He hopes to add his voice, in a small way, to the giants of the genres. He wants to write stories he himself would want to read and hopes to be successful as a storyteller first.

He is currently living out of a suitcase, with his wife Connie and no pets. They travel too much. Please enjoy the journey.

Author social media: Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram @greg.alldredge

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What do you think about the book? Have you read this already or any book by the same author?

Happy Reading!

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Horrible Friends in Books I read

Hello Readers! I wrote this Horrible Bosses in Books I read post a month ago. After few days I had horrible friends list so I thought I will share them as well. I have also started listing horrible parents. I guess I will write horrible- this-and-that series! What do you think? Anyway, here are the worst friends in literature I came across that made me say out loud “thank goodness, I don’t have such friend in my life“, “I hope I never meet people like this“, or best “I don’t want friend, now, I better read a book and have my blogger friends“.

The Twin by Natasha Preston


This book had worst friend. They are on the top of my list. Poor, Ivy trusted them with life, never did anything wrong or she never meant to look like competitor, she was just best swimmer and worked hard to be best. All it took Iris pointing Ivy’s lap timing to them and suddenly they are jealous and hated her so much that they shut her out and started hanging with her twin. They did horrible things as well but I won’t say it as it will be a spoiler but you get my point, right?

The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson

51093245. sx318 sy475

A classic one dating ex-girlfriend. Zach’s best friend turned ex-friend as soon as he found his mother was defending the case of shooter in school. He didn’t just stop there but also started dating his ex-girlfriend as soon as Zach pushed her away. This horrible friend ex-friend didn’t leave any chance making him feel low and kissing his ex-girlfriend in front of him.

The Break Up by Tilly Tennant

50627236. sy475

Another classic one, betraying for a boy. Lara’s best friend started loving and dating Lara’s boyfriend behind her back and then expected from her to forgive her. Not just that but when that ex-boyfriend came knocking at Lara’s door and Lara warned her now-ex-best-friend about it, she said nasty things to Lara. Definitely bad! Why a boy has to come in between friendship!

Cupidity by Lucinda Lamont

36506398. sy475

So here main character was a horrible friend. Martha betrayed Mae- her best friend since childhood, who gave her roof over her head and supported her in her down time- by sleeping with Mae’s husband! I hated her for this and apparently this was not the best story I read. She kept sleeping with Mae husband and then regretting and then repeating the cycle.

I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson


This should be on the top of the list because here best friend was a psychopath. I wouldn’t say who and how but know that this is worst kind you see who wouldn’t even hesitate in killing you.

The Accidental Life Swap by Jennifer Joyce

45877609. sy475

This also shows it’s lovely cover in this list again. Apparently this book had not just horrible boss but horrible friend as well. Here, that friend was sneaky who not just betrayed Rebecca by telling her secret to her boss but also stole her ideas and job.

And a Sixpence for Luck by Lilac Mills

36114226. sy475

This too made it to this list. Again a workplace best friend betrayal case. Here that friend plotted with horrible boss to take Daisy’s job who was sacked for using internet. And later was furious with Daisy for ruining her life.

Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle

43203291. sy475

Another case of friend going after her best friend’s fiance and then selling her to enemy. That horrible friend was Milly. She was so unpredictable and shocked me more when she accused Charlotte and called her monster while she should be thankful. Again why boy has to come in between friendship?

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan


Villain of this series was actually a friend with Percy and Annabeth. It’s safe to say, right? Everybody knows who was the villain and what he did, right? If not I didn’t say who that was. 😁

What do you think about this post and horrible friends I mentioned? Which horrible friends you would like to add to this list? Are there any classic type you came cross often? If so which are those types?

Happy Reading!

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Blog turs 3

Books Teacup and Reviews turns 3!

It’s 3rd birthday of this blog! Can you believe? I still can’t, it feels like yesterday.

I remember, it took me hours to write first review, oh hell, even spent days thinking what I will write in about section of this blog. And now, I have written total 774 posts and 323 reviews so far, along with blitz, interview, guest post and many promotional posts.

Best thing happened this year was getting first physical ARC from publisher, getting NetGalley auto-approval badge and getting books from publisher(s) and authors. It feels a great achievement, when authors I have worked with comes back and appreciate my reviews and posts. It was amazing seeing growth of this blog. I made friends, chat with some and love to talk with some in comments, and share views on books.

I absolutely had no hope I will come so far. And let’s see how far,

  • When I started blog, I didn’t know a thing about writing or blogging. Yes, I remember spending days by watching tutorial and asking around if I had any question. Now I can write at least (not better but at least satisfactory and I’m confident).
  • When I started reading back in 2015, I read 2 books a month. When I started blogging, I could read 4 a month. Now I read 7-8 books a month.
  • In early days, I was not sure I would blog this long. I just quit job, recovering from stroke, and was looking for new job. So it didn’t work and then we plan kid. Now I’m happy stay-at-home parent of 17 months old cute daughter. I blog and read in between her schedule.
  • So like every Newbie, I didn’t know what’s ARC, didn’t know how to write email to publisher, or if there was thing like free books. I know I was scratching my head when somebody wrote I got this book for review and I asked myself ‘is that even possible? how did they got it for free?Now, I say no to most of review requests. I even reduced joining tours for review. Now I ask how some bloggers even manage to read so much and so fast!
  • Before it was all about numbers, now it’s about consistency and interactions.

What I hope to learn in future-

  • Write posts in advance. Yes, I still don’t write posts in advance and schedule them. What can I say I’m not that organized person.
  • Write discussion posts– Ahem, I haven’t written a single discussion post so far. This is review blog and I did that only. I started writing those book list posts this year and I hope to write them more. Maybe I’ll join top 10 Tuesday or something but I wish I can get some idea on discussion posts and write them.
  • Speed reading– This is just dream! A girl can dream, right? I know some finish whole book in 3 hours or in a day. Some read 20 books a month! Some say it was my breakfast read (I’m looking at you, Shalini 😉). It will be a dream come true if I can read that many pages in a day or even 15 books a month. What can I say, there’s so many books to read and I have never ending TBR!

I love this blog and book world and most of all blogging community.

So that’s all! I thank you all for love and support! ❤
Stay safe at home and keep reading and blogging! ❤

Let me know what do you like about this blog most? If there’s anything you would like me to improve? Which type of post you would like me to write more? Also let me know about your blog story. When you started blogging and what inspired you?


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List of horrible bosses in books

Horrible Bosses in Books I read

Hello Readers! I read a book recently in which the boss was real good and charming and even better than friend that made me envious, made me wish to work with such boss. And that sparked the idea on listing horrible bosses. I do want to write a post on lovely bosses in books as well, thing is I have read very few books that fall under that category but when I look at horrible bosses, there are plenty in books I have read. I know you might be thinking in real life too. I really thank god I’m not into this office drama or working under any boss and after seeing this list I don’t regret it. These bosses here are nasty, selfish, mean, tyrant, bully, money minded, and boyfriend-thief.

Vanessa (The Accidental Life Swap by Jennifer Joyce)

Vanessa in this book is the boss here who was quite intimidating for nice and timid Rebecca. This boss was rich, selfish, and tyrant who did all in her power to get what she wanted. She even sacked staff based on suspicion. Now you cannot expect any promotion and recognition when you work under this kind of boss unless you buttered or showered them with daily praises.

Annabel (The Neighbours by Nicola Gill)

Annabel was kind of boss who went after your boyfriend or partner. You wouldn’t want this kind anywhere near your home or family otherwise you would find them in your house shagging your partner while you are working in the office.

Edwin (One Week ‘Til Christmas by Belinda Missen)

Edwin here was the one who took advantage of hardworking employees. He would ask to work and take interviews even though you are on vacation. A selfish and after personal gain kind of boss who didn’t care about anyone’s feeling and don’t understand no. If you confront they say nasty thing, make you feel low or threaten to fire. They look nice in general but are kind of bully who pays you for letting yourself being bullied. Run from this kind or forget about break and holidays.

Vincent (The Escape Room by Megan Goldin)

Vincent was a different kind. He was money minded. He earned huge and still wanted to gain more money. Don’t know for what, because he had no family or love or partner. He looked decent, I mean he wouldn’t behave badly or something but he wouldn’t tolerate loss and he didn’t care if you didn’t get another job or lose your life and wouldn’t even investigate if somebody is trying to set you up. All he cared about was quality of your work and success in project. Ahem, Find another job, money is not important but your life and self-respect is.

And a Sixpence for Luck by Lilac Mills

Okay, I read this book 3 years before. I didn’t remember boss’ name but vaguely remembered the boss fired main character because she was using internet in work time. The actual reason was big surprise. This was the case of unfair dismissal. Boss fired main character so that he could give her position to his lover. Hmm, now that you can’t see coming.

Below are the bosses who gives you hard time because they are going through hard time. I know it doesn’t justify their behavior and that’s why I’m putting them under this horrible bosses category.

Wendy (Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews)

Now now, Wendy here was not just boss but main character’s ex-best friend and now a step-mother. You can see why they fall out. Who could see best friend marrying with your own father! So, both had grudges and both gave each other hard time. Wendy criticizing all the work and adding more work but well our main character was power of resilience and at the end, let it go and both was being nice with each other. Whatever, you have to agree it can be awkward situation.

The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke

Another one I read long ago and don’t remember boss’ name but I know what the boss did and it was by no means charming. So this boos gave our main character a project of antisocial media and not technology or gadget and write an article on how do you find love in old fashioned way. So it was progressing anywhere and boss decided to interfere. I’m not saying what she did to avoid spoiler. It was definitely not nice but she wasn’t bad as well so what can I say.

Melisa (Full Circle by Regina Timothy)

Melisa was not likable woman at first glance. She was owner of biggest fashion house in the world. She worked from scratch to top on her own. Ruthless, selfish, evil witch was her impression among her staff. That made her intimidating boss but at the end turned out she wasn’t that bad. Imagine Miranda of Devil Wears Prada but unlike Miranda, Melisa had space for development. Anyway, you will find it hard to work for such boss.

Season 1 Nbc GIF by The Office

What do you think about this post and bosses I mentioned?
Which horrible bosses you like to add more from books to this list?


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#GuestPost : Home (After it Happened Book 9) by Devon C. Ford #Home #AfteritHappened @vulpine_press @DevonFordAuthor

Hello Readers! Today I’m pleased to welcome Devon C Ford on Books Teacup and Reviews to talk about the location inspiration for his new post-apocalyptic/sci-fi book, Home in After it Happened series. Check out the book details and interesting guest post below.

Home (After it Happened Book 9) by Devon C. Ford

Publication Date: March 27th 2020

Publisher: Vulpine Press

Genre: post-apocalyptic / sci-fi


Safety is an illusion. Security is only a fleeting sense. Peace is a myth. 

Steve and the other survivors in the UK have rebuilt and healed after the brutal end to the reign of Richards. But removing a dictator was only the beginning… 

Years after a mistake of compassion and humanity, an enemy thought long gone returns to bring down a rain of violence and terror the likes of which they have never seen before. 

Their society, a peaceful one of trade and co- operation, has moved on from the bloody aftermath of the collapse, but that evolution blunts their teeth to be able to combat the new threat. 

The call to return to the rainy shores of England is strong for Dan and his fearless accomplices, so they return home to do what they do best: bring justice to a lawless world. 

About Series:

Set in the UK in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious illness which swept the country and left millions dead, After it Happened follows the trials of a reluctant hero, Dan, and the group he forms around him. They must battle the elements, find sufficient supplies and equipment to survive, and protect themselves against the most destructive force on the planet: other people.

Guest Post: Location Inspiration

A lot of fans ask me about the places in my books. Some of them are real, but most of them are figments of my imagination inspired by real places and changed to fit what I need for the story.

Following the mantra of writing what you know makes it easy to describe real places, but what to do when those real places limit your storytelling ability? How do you overcome that limitation to where your imagination wants to go?

In After It Happened, I did just that and based the early stories on places I knew well which allowed me to give that element of realism it so deserved. When the story evolved and moved on I found myself increasingly reliant on the internet to give me the visual backdrop of a canvas where I could paint my brushstrokes for the readers.

What to do when you’ve painted yourself into a corner? Two words.



Minor spoiler alert, the story that starts in the rural centre of England moves south through the continent where pictures needed to be painted for the characters to play out their own story. I had to construct a set in which my imaginary actors could perform, and that required inspiration.

Now I’m not much of a people person – shock horror for a writer, I know – and even more so that I’m nervous of new places and not having a set pan to follow. I’m that person who arrives at the airport five hours early in case I don’t make the flight.

After a month of meticulous planning and creating an itinerary, I set off from home just after midnight to head south for le Chunnel.

From there, after half an hour sitting in my car as the train thundered along beneath the English Channel I emerged in the early hours in northern France with the same bizarre disorientation you get coming out of the cinema in the dark when you’d entered in daylight.

There I began what became an intimate and long-lasting personal relationship with the voice commands of my car’s navigation program. We very nearly split up when she unnecessarily took me on the Paris ring road as part of the return leg where I believe they were filming a new version of Death Race.

The first foreign leg, fraught with the confusion of being on the wrong side of the road, saw me driving from Calais to Bordeaux over about ten hours, with an additional ten percent of that spent stuck on a one-way system that gave me tantalising glimpses of the hotel I was supposed to staying at.

The following morning, setting off bright and early after three too many fresh croissants, saw me taking a stunning drive down the Pyrenees towards the first of my research locations.

That drive will forever be etched into my memory as the challenging, twisting mountain roads left my face aching with repetitive strain injury brought on by continuous grinning.

Due to the many errors made by my navigational companion, which may have been me ignoring her for the sheer enjoyment of driving, I found myself crossing through into Spain accidentally and then back to France before an inspiring tunnel lead me to a wonderfully inexpensive fuel station.

Trying out my (appalling) best French, I was shocked to be answered in Spanish and found out I was, in fact, a visitor of Andorra. That happy accident led to an hour of exploration and the inspiration for the seventh book of the series, even if I didn’t know that yet as I was researching book five.

Reluctantly getting back to my plan, I took to the mountain roads again to race the course of one of the rivers leading to my objective, Villefranche de Conflent. Literally the confluence of two rivers where a medieval walled town sat beneath a high hill crowned by an impenetrable defensive position called Fort Liberia.

These two places became so influential, so crucial to the story that without being there, without climbing the hundreds of steps carved out of the mountain itself and without walking the same ramparts my characters defended, I would never have created the story as it now exists.

Twice more I visited the town, getting by with my best (still appalling) French along with much pointing and smiling, until I’d walked every inch of the town until I could feel the cobblestones under my feet as I slept.

On what became my last visit there I saw a painting in the museum of a watchtower in a place called Sahorre which captured my frivolous attention enough to create yet another vital element to my books.

After a quick google I set off, opting to take the long walk as I had with the steps leading to Fort Liberia, and climbed that steep hill to spend a long time looking out over a cloudy-filled valley offering me line of sight for miles. I soaked in every detail I could, letting it infuse me in a way that sounds far too bohemian even to me, but that’s what I did.

Waking the next day with a number of aches to remind me that climbing two mountains on the same day was ill-advised at my age, I headed south for the sea.

I may not live anywhere near the coast now, but I grew up near it and always felt an affinity for a sea view and can still recall the calming sensation I experienced when I dropped out of the high ground to look down on what would eventually become the place I call Sanctuary.

Looking at the seaside town of Collioure, with the crown jewel of another medieval castle sitting proudly to loom over the entrance, I saw how these places would come together in my mind to create the perfect setting.

Wandering through the town again, earning odd looks from locals, I sat on the sea wall looking inwards to the town to form every wall, every rampart, every building in my mind until I could see it clearly. Even as the sun set there I still sat, drinking it all in until it became, and always will remain, my ultimate happy place.

So my answer to the readers when they ask if the places are real? Yes, they are. Only not in the literal sense.

My advice to other writers? Get out from wherever you sit to write. Chase your story to the places it takes you and don’t be afraid to change the world to make it what you need it to be. You never know what your imagination will create.

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/329jlVg

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2SYb6Hi

About the Author:

Devon C Ford is from the UK and lives in the Midlands. His career in public services started in his teens and has provided a wealth of experiences, both good and some very bad, which form the basis of the books ideas that cause regular insomnia.

Facebook: @decvoncfordofficial

Twitter: @DevonFordAuthor

Website: www.devoncford.com

Let’s discuss!

What do you think about the book and post?
Have you read this book already or any book in this series?
Are you going to add it to TBR?


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