Monthly Wrap-Up : June 2020

Hello Readers! This month felt long with many sleepless night and some frustrating WiFi issues with my slow laptop and mobile data. I so need new laptop and I hope sale arrives soon. COVID-19 positivity rate is high in Hyderabad and they are talking of another lock down in few days. Hospitals don’t have ventilators and oxygen cylinders. My husband fears if something happened to us we wouldn’t get treatment here and thinking we should fly back to our hometown at my parents’ home. There too cases are more and but at least we have doctors in family. We haven’t decided anything yet but if we are going we will leave in first week of August and will return, maybe, in Dec. And if not, still we will visit our hometown but in Nov and come back after Christmas.

Reading stats:

Books Read : 9 (Actually 9.75! Still need to read last 100 pages of Cometh the hour)
Pages Read : 3018
Reviews written : 8

Blog Stats:

Views : 2734
visitors : 1419
Likes : 1238
Comments : 213

Books Read:

Love is What You Bake of it (Meraki #1) by Effie Kammenou — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Romance / / entertaining and heart warning love story with beautiful setting, interesting characters and lots of mouthwatering confection.

No Signal (iMe, #2) by Jem Tugwell — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Dystopia, futuristic sci-fi / / brilliant, thought provoking, and impressive sci-fi thriller with realistic characters and intimidating world.

Any Day With You by Mae Respicio — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Middle Grade / / heartwarming, charming, lovely, and a perfect middle grade story with multigenerational Filipino family and culture.

Episodic Sleep Disorders by E.L. Haines — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / Mystery / / quick, intriguing, dark mystery with vivid description and eerie setting. I recommend this book to fans of short stories.

From the Shadows (Monica Kennedy #1) by G.R. Halliday — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / Crime Fiction / / compelling, dark and interesting Scottish Noir with many twist and turns. 

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Historical Fiction / / simple yet beautiful, lovely and refreshing historical fiction with amazing characters and setting.

Say Yes Summer by Lindsey Roth Culli — [Review] ★★★★☆ / / YA Contemporary / / fluffy, feel good, enjoyable, cute and coming of age YA contemporary with lovable characters.

Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Mystery / / deep, impactful, powerful, and thought-provoking mystery with great characters, philosophical writing and eye-opening history, and honest and raw representation of grief, loss and mental illness.

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust / / Fantasy / / Amazing world building based on Persian mythology and interesting characters.

My Favorite books of the month:

In July I’m going to read 5 another NetGalley books and 4 books for tour.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments if you have read any of these book and which was your favorite book of the month.

Happy Reading!

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#MonthlyWrapUp : December 2019

Hello readers! Last month of the year and I read many books. It’s a different thing most of them were short books but anyway it’s all about finishing that Goodreads challenge and even surpassing it, isn ‘t it? I finished mine in first two weeks of the month. I checked many boxes of Popsugar challenge. I bought Wimpy Kid series for Christmas and I’m sure by reading that series I’m going to finish 2020AtoZ challenge that I didn’t finish this year.

So here is the summery of what I read and reviewed in December-

Total Books read 11
6 Paperback (2 Received from authors + 4 won in giveaways)
5 E copies (2 NetGalley + 3 Author requests)
Reviews: 10 (1 book read last month)
Total Pages: 2674

Last month I read but reviewed in December-

Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1) by Palmer Pickering — [Review] 3/5

Books I read and reviewed in Nov-

The Age of Akra (Starchild #1) by Vacen Taylor — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • It was fantastic first book in the Starschild series. It was middle grade fantasy that revolved around Mai’s journey that turned into thrilling and dangerous adventure.
  • It was about hope, friendship, bravery, and kindness.
  • I liked the chosen one and good vs evil arc in this book. Author turned this arc into extraordinary by including prophecy, elemental magic, giant serpent and spiders, dark magic, underworld monsters, and brave young characters.
  • What I loved most was world-building. I enjoyed reading about 8 elemental magic and seven nations, each nation was skilled in particular element, various powers of particular elemental magic, rift between nations, and how things were changing because of dark magic and rising of being from underworld.
  • Overall, it was total fun, coming of age middle grade fantasy filled with action and magic. I highly recommend this to middle grade readers.

The City of Souls (Starchild #2) by Vacen Taylor — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • This was adventurous second book in Starchild series that takes children- Akra, Mai, Long and Sahib- to the City of soulbankers, regulator of life and death and their adventure in this city of souls.
  • It was about beginning of the war against evil forces, irresolute mind, self-doubt, manipulation, love of sister, friendship and understanding and controlling the elemental powers and skills.
  • The world was brilliant. This time we are introduced to one of the city of soulbankers, their lush green forests, their characteristics, way of living, and how they use their elemental magic. I loved that chamber of souls and how they collect and preserve each souls until they were given new life.
  • Climax was tense and uncertain. End was tragic yet the hope in these kids kept them going ahead on their journey.
  • Overall, it was gripping and unique middle grade book with magical world and developed characters. I surely recommend this book to young readers.

The Healing Stone (Starchild #3) by Vacen Taylor — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • This was a thrilling third installment in Starchild series and was much better than previous books. This follows Akra, Mai and Kalin’s journey towards Algus, City of Ice and their adventure in this cold nation.
  • It was about friendship, situation testing their skill and patience, hope and faith in prophecy.
  • The characters, plot and world was getting better in this book. The world was interesting. Along with the Algus, people of ice and their way of living, rules and laws, creatures of ice and dangers in the icy Mountains, there was interesting legend about the healing stone and how the world of elemental magic developed and 8 nations were created each possessing one elemental skill, how prophecy came into existence and why people believed in it.
  • Each chapters were exciting to read, revealed more about the world and characters. Their journey from city to icy mountains where lay the healing stone was filled with adventure and danger.
  • Overall, it was gripping, fun, dangerous and adventurous journey of four kids in the world of elemental magic and prophecy that played important part. I recommend this book to all middle grade lovers.

Fire and the Falcon (Starchild #4) by Vacen Taylor — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • It was most adventurous in this fantasy series that took children to land of fire where they found many answers.
  • It was about evils of magic, slavery, fight for justice and freedom, bravery and friendship.
  • This time along with characters I got to know more about fireruler’s city and their steam inventions. They also used rifles which was called ‘refell’ here. This hot and dry nation was different from other nation. It was advanced in machineries, costly, people were diverse.
  • Many things happened in this book that made story exciting. Akra found his answers, he found the real use of Silvershade and its importance in prophecy. Oh and there were some surprising revelations in the middle and end of the book .
  • Overall, it was fantastic middle grade fantasy filled with action, adventure and lot of magic. I recommend you catch up with this fantastic series before final book is released.

The Doubt Factor by Renée Paule — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • This was non-fiction, self-help book in which author encourages to seek the truth by implanting the doubt on the age-old beliefs, mindsets, habits, authority, rights and prejudice, human nature, and even on the food, making you question everything and ponder over the true meaning of life.
  • All topics were insightful and motivational. They had so many things one can discuss over again and again and find something enlightening every time.
  • In a nutshell, author talked about inner happiness, clearing the confusion by clearing the doubts, change of heart, self-reflection, strengthening the mind and will, seeking wisdom, a true authority on ourselves by being selfless and removing evil, negative thoughts, and doing right and good thing in life, be a kindred spirit and bring change in our life and so in society. It’s these things we are going to take with us after death not worldly possessions.
  • Overall, it was inspirational, motivational and very insightful collection of essays. I highly recommend this book if you’re into self-help books.

Love to Prove You Wrong (Old Pine Cove, #2) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • It was lovely and cozy romcom, a dazzling love story of Addy. It was hate to love and character falling in love with celebrity arc.
  • It was about second chance, denial of love and misjudgment.
  • Setting was the same as first book and like first book, it was charming. Loved Old Pine Cove in spring and town activities in this season.
  • It was great to see both Justin and Addy’s feelings develop. They were perfect with each other. Their dates were awesome. Paparazzi, drama, and jealousy added spice in the story.
  • Overall, it was light, sweet and fun read with lovely characters and town. I highly recommend this book.

I Have (Had) Enough by Jeff Jacobson — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • This was memoir, a collection of author’s reflection on life, memories lived as a friend, husband and majorly as a father.
  • It was about life experiences, friendship, fatherhood, faith, hope, and love.
  • Book was written in 6 parts. dedicated to Jeff’s family and loved ones and toJesus.
  • All parts showed Jeff’s struggle as parents, journey of life from friendship, marriage, birth of all his children, childhood and teenage years and how they turned into adults bursting Jeff with pride, love, and joy, how he revere Jesus for all he got in life keeping the faith alive.
  • It was insightful collection of essays that inspired and motivated me to cherish the time I have, record all the wonderful moments I’m having with my daughter and at the same time be strong for the tough time and the time when they grow up to live their own life with the faith and trust in God.
  • Overall, it was thoughtful ocean of love and life of Jeff, I loved to read. I definitely recommend this book.

Veiled By Desire (Laith, #2) by Candace Robinson — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • Veiled By Desire was another bittersweet tale in Laith series. It’s a story of two fierce and strong female protagonists, Tavarra and Rhona.
  • It was about heart’s desire, desire and love gone wrong because of betrayal, a dream turned to nightmare by selfishness, magical abilities, love and family taken away by sinister leader, curse and legends, fighting fears, unlikely friendship and strength of love.
  • The setting and the world was the best part. Tavarra’s curse was interesting.
  • Climax was tragic, sad, and action packed. End was good but tragedy made it so sad.
  • Overall, it was engaging, thrilling and atmospheric dark fantasy with amazing world and characters.

Hands Up by Stephen Clark — [Review] Stars: 4.5/5

  • It was thought provoking adult fiction that revolved around three characters tied by tragedy.
  • It was about Police brutality, injustice, racism, loss and grief, depression, betrayal and guilt.
  • Told in multiple perspective that showed their character’s life and view point perfectly, how death of teenage black boy, Tyrell, affected them and changed their life. We see the story from perpetrator, estranged father who saw it chance to return back with his family, and family’s emotions and hardship.
  • This was character driven story packed with emotions and many serious, thought-provoking, and controversial topics.
  • Romance was weakest point. I think characters forgave too easily. Both points seemed implausible .
  • Overall, it was powerful, compelling and gripping fiction that dealt with controversial topics commendably. I definitely recommend this book for those who love to read thought provoking book.

I also read- (but will be reviewing in Jan)

37536737. sy475

Both were good. Review will be up in Jan during the blog tour for these books.


You can check all blitz/promos/spotlights HERE.

Author Interview:

Varsha Ravi, author of The Heartless


The Sunshine Blogger Award

My most favorite book this month:

All of them were good but the best was 3rd book in Starchild Series and Veiled by desire.

Let’s discuss!

How was you month in reading? What did you read in December? Have you read any of these books? Are you going add any to your TBR? Which book(s) was your favorite this month?


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#MonthlyWrapUp : November 2019

Hello Readers!

This month was quite satisfactory. I finished all book I needed to read this month. I bought 2 books at 70% discount. I love it when I get book with best deal. I bought Hag-Seed (Hogarth Shakespeare) by Margaret Atwood. That is in series but I checked could be read standalone. Looks like Shakespeare retelling. I haven’t read anything by Shakespeare so I hope I like it. Second was The Girl in The Tower by Katherine Arden. I still need to buy first and third in this series but hey this was gorgeous hardcover in 70% discount, how could I let it go?

Total books read- 7
1 Paperback (author request),
3 NetGalley (pre-approved widget),
3 ecopies (author requests)
Books reviewed- 8 (2 books I read last month)
Total Pages- 2556

These I read in October but reviewed in Nov during blog tour. Both were my most favorite last month.

Books I read and reviewed in Nov-

I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • YA thriller that revolved around Ruthie and her lost best friend Zahra.
  • It was about obsession, dysfunctional family, abusive parents and their addiction issues, friendship and jealousy.
  • There were many elements in story. All the big serious topic that gave so much to discuss over.
  • Climax was most interesting. Big clever twist. End was satisfactory but still mind-boggling.
  • Overall, it was gripping, thrilling, page-turner with brilliant twist and amazing setting. I surely recommend this book.

Affiliate Link: Book Depository

Anbatar: Legacy of the Blood Guard by Anne Dolleri — [Review] Stars: 5/5

  • fantastic high fantasy, second in series but can read as standalone.
  • It revolved around Nareth, a Samerier and prince of southern kingdom trying to bring peace between Northern and Southern kingdom.
  • The book was about prejudice and misconception, dispute between kingdoms, politics, betrayal, loyalty and friendship.
  • Writing was perfect. It gave life to creative characters and mesmerizing world. Author balanced characters and plot wonderfully. I loved this world. What I loved most was legends and stories around Blood Guard and Samerier.
  • Overall, it was fantastic, thrilling, filled with twist and turns, and interesting high fantasy.

The Bodies in the Library (First Edition Library Mystery, #1) by Marty Wingate — [Review] Stars: 4/5

  • interesting cozy murder mystery that revolved around Hayley’s job as curator of Lady Georgiana Fowling’s First Edition Society at Lady Fowling’s Middlebank House, turned into library containing vast collection of first edition books by women authors from Golden Age of Mystery. It was about fanfiction, maintaining and respecting the legacy, secrets, conflicts, and friendship.
  • No clues and many suspects. What made the idea even more exciting was, Hayley knew nothing about investigation until she read Christie’s Miss Marple book, The Body in the Library.
  • All characters, especially writers, were quirky and interesting. What I loved most in the book was modern day setting along with Golden age of Mystery. It created wonderful atmosphere.
  • Everything was perfect but that motive for murder ruined the fun.
  • Overall, it was promising first book in new series. Interesting writing, atmospheric setting, and cozy mystery makes this book perfect for fans of Agatha Christie and this genre.

Affiliate Link: Book Depository

Gravemaidens (Gravemaidens, #1) by Kelly Coon — [Review] Stars: 4/5

  • unique and fascinating fantasy that take place in ancient land where sacred maidens were chosen to bury along with dead king i.e. Gravemaidens. It revolved around this concept, a healer and her journey trying to save her sister who was chosen to be one of the gravemaiden.
  • It was about injustice and ill-treatment towards low class people and women, ancient dogmatic tradition and cruel practices, family, friendship, sisterhood, grief and loss and how people react to it differently.
  • What I loved most was the world. some Mesopotamian mythical aspects, the God Enlil they worshiped and story of boatman they believed in so religiously. All descriptions were vivid. Ancient treatments methods, childbirth, tonics and tinctures were well researched.
  • Message behind the story was nice. Pace was bumpy . I absolutely loved the end. Half of the story was predictable. I guessed most of the turns. I was bit annoyed with main character.
  • Overall, it enjoyable, enthralling, and fascinating fantasy with interesting ancient world and characters.

Affiliate Link: Book Depository

Maps of Bliss and Rage by Mario Dhingsa — [Review] Stars: 3.5/5

  • It was collection of 8 short stories set in 8 different countries. It was about survival and adventure, revenge, abuse and religious conflicts, politics, Christianity and miracle, unlikely friendship, rumors about princess and her dangerous life, reminiscence of school life.
  • I loved the way each stories started with interesting characters and their situation, the way stories developed with plot twists and the unpredictable ends.
  • Setting was great, the place and timeline for story, cultural aspect and some historical facts ware written perfectly. Some stories were entertaining, while some emotional, tense and had hard topics.
  • In 2-3 stories I lost interest in middle and had to re-read few passages to get a grip. Maybe it’s just me, it won’t be the case with you, but it niggled a little.
  • Overall, it was interesting anthology with creative stories that took place in different countries.

The Dog on the Acropolis by Mark Tedesco — [Review] Stars: 3/5

  • It was, a fiction that revolved around Draco, dog, living on acropolis, his dream and his relationship with business owners on in Plaka, about the human-animal relationship, friendship, compassion and companion.
  • I liked the concept of a stray dog leading tourist in Acropolis, being part of small community, changing their life and bringing joy to them and along with this his dreams about his ancestor and her life during the golden age of Athens that made him feel connected to Acropolis and Parthenon.
  • It was interesting, unique and simple story that reaffirms ‘Animals are our best friend’.
  • My main issue was, though the story was realistic, author pictured relation between human and animal very genuinely, I didn’t feel it deeply. I didn’t enjoy the conversation between characters, it felt dull. I don’t know exact timeline for present story but it didn’t feel modern.
  • Overall, interesting concept, loved the human and animal relationship. I wish it had the feel too. Dog lovers would like to read this book.

Affiliate Link: Book Depository

I had mixed feeling for this. I loved the concept and world. But I didn’t like few things too. Review will be up tomorrow.


There were around 8 blitz or promo post this month. I’m not going to list them all any more. It’s really time consuming. You can check all blitz HERE.

Author Interview:

My most favorite book this month:

I haven’t signed up that many review tours for December and Jan. I have closed review requests as well. Whatever I have signed up for I’m going to finish it in December so new year will be dedicated to books I purchased. That is because I got ultimatum from dearest husband that he is not going to gift me any book until I finish unread books! Shocking right? Anyway, I have some goals and for that it’s better to go along with his unforgivable declaration.

You might not see me around that often as I got Netflix subscription, yayyy! But I’ll catch up with all your posts whenever I’m on laptop. I watched Stranger Things season 1 and currently watching season 2.

Let’s discuss!

How was you month in reading? What did you read in Nov? Have you read any of these books? Are you going add any to your TBR? Which book(s) was your favorite this month? Also recommend me some binge worthy series I should watch on Netflix.


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#MonthlyWrapUp : October 2019

Hello Readers! How was your blogtober?

This month has been busy with blunders. I lost October calendar! I have to check all mails to see which blogtour I signed up for this last two weeks. Even after doing so I forgot to post and published last year’s post instead. All because of that missing calendar. I still couldn’t find it anywhere! Was it my daughter who tore it from clipboard and threw it somewhere or me is still a mystery.

Good thing- My daughter learned to walk on her own yesterday. We were so happy to see her taking first steps and were even surprised she managed to walk for 10 mins. She’s still little afraid today but by this month end she won’t need us to hold her. It was birthday month and I got many bookmails. I managed to read 8 books.

I managed to read and review:

Totals books read – 8
1 paperback and rest e-copies
3 received from author, 1 from publisher, 4 NetGalley
Reviewed – 6
Pages read – 2221


Mercenary’s Child (The Phoenix Fallacy Book 1) by Jonathan Sourbeer —- 5/5 stars

Review Snippet- Fantastic futuristic science-fiction that revolved around main character’s journey from the slum area of the corporation to the skilled soldier of Odin legion.
It was about survival, friendship, loyalty, courage, valor, and politics.
The best and half part of the book was world building. Even though the book was filled with information, it never felt like info dumping.Training of new recruits covered another half part of the book which provided characters’ background and their development .
Overall, it was gripping, action packed, and most unique science-fiction with amazing world and characters. If you are fan of Sci-Fi, don’t miss this.

A Typical Family Christmas by Liz Davies — 5/5

Review Snippet- Lovely, entertaining, humorous and realistic Romcom that revolved around Peters family.
I bet you wouldn’t want to spend your Christmas anywhere near this family.
It was about family drama, importance of sharing burden, being supportive, understanding each other’s perspective, and bringing back the spark in relationship and enjoying Christmas as a family.
Family dynamic was best part of the book. I so enjoyed characters’ descriptions, their characteristics and antics. Loved Kate. She had empathetic and realistic tone. I disliked Brett at first but his development was great. Brett’s emotions were most heartfelt. I loved him from climax to end.
Overall, it was hilarious, dramatic, warm and festive romcom. This, so far, was best Christmas read. Those who love family drama wouldn’t want to miss this. I highly recommend this book.

Currently by Sarah Mensinga — 5/5

Review Snippet- Mix of steampunk, fantasy and mythical creature.
It revolved around Nerene, her survival in the world filled with slavery, trickery and injustice, her love for her boyfriend and dangerous journey she boarded to keep him safe.
It was about social injustice, survival, power, politics, trust, betrayal, friendship, and love; and Siren lore.
The book was told from Nerene’s captivating voice and was divided in three parts. First was world building, second- adventurous journey and third- climax and character development.
The insight was great. I found Nerene’s unwavering nature commendable. Book basically tells, there is always an alternative to the rash and reckless path that didn’t involve harming and hurting other and the power and its greed.
Overall, it was interesting and wonderful novel with impressive world. If you like to read book involving Sirens, you would want to read this. I definitely recommend this book to fantasy and steampunk lovers.

Snowflakes and Sparks (Old Pine Cove, #1) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins — 4/5 Stars

Review Snippet- Heartwarming sparkling romantic Christmas read, revolved around Suzie and Alex’s love that rekindled after 10 years they first met in Old Pine Cove.
It was about second chance at love, bonding and belongingness.
It had true festive vibe that makes you want to celebrate Christmas with equal zest.
Absolutely loved setting.  Old Pine Cove was most picturesque and wonderful. Author brought place and characters to life.
Climax was not that shocking, it was predictable too.
Overall, it was enjoyable, cute, lovely and entertaining romcom. A good Christmas read that recommend.

Faker by Sarah Smith — 4/5 Stars

Review Snippet- Hot and sensual romance novel that revolved around Emmie and Tate’s workplace enemy-to-lover story.
It was about Introverts and their issues, Fake exterior people creates to shield from their vulnerability, office environment for women in male staff dominated workplace, multicultural relationship, misjudgment, love and friendship.
The enemy-to-lover trope was well written. Chemistry between characters was irresistibly sexy and enticing. Loved the way they got to know each other.
Twist at climax didn’t feel right and unique. Emmie forgave too easily after that big revelation. Some making out scenes were overly described.
Overall, it was interesting and enjoyable debut novel with enemy-to-lover trope and hot and steamy romance.

A Family By Christmas by Viv Royce  — 4/5

Review Snippet- Chocolaty sweet romance that revolved round Emma, Grant and his lovely family in small town.
It was about new venture in small town, family, love, belongingness, following your heart and gut feeling.
Setting was vivid filled with Christmas spirit .
Emma’s loneliness being a foster kid touched my heart. I liked Grant’s perspective. I could understand Grant’s dream and wish to get job after getting over his loss.
I loved getting answers to all questions. I liked the message in the book about, trusting your feelings and working out a way that is best for everyone not what you want and your family wants.
No villain, no drama, no misunderstandings = no twist, which made it a tad predictable.
Overall, I enjoyed this family by Christmas. It was charming, cozy, and delightful Christmas read filled with festive feel. Do I recommend this for your Christmas reads? Righto.


Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley by Kelly Miller
The Lay of Lady Percival by Jennifer R. Povey
Hope by Terry Tyler 
A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon
The Memories We Hide by Jodie Gibson
A Cosy Christmas in Cornwall by Jane Linfoot
The Giving Heart by Toni Blake
Star in the Shadows by Helen Buckley

Cover Reveal:

Off Balance by Aileen Erin 
The Final Trial by AA Abbot 


Review of One Week Til Christmas and Safe House will be up tomorrow.

Let’s discuss!

How was you month in reading? What did you read in October? Have you read any of these books? Are you going add any to your TBR? Which book(s) was your BOTM?


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#MonthlyWrapUp : September 2019

Hello Readers! September had been busy month. I didn’t complete all the books I decided I will finish by this month end because of travel and new schedule of my daughter at my parents’s home. But I did pretty good. I got to realize how much help I had from my husband and how much blog and reading I could do when he is around. Well, I already knew that but it’s different when you experience it in their absence, right? And my little monster who needs her mama monster. My parents cannot manage her and much less feed her. This experience showed only me and my husband can handle her better, at least until she is grown to age when she can eat and sleep herself.

And I got many books from publisher and authors this month. Next 2 months are going to be hectic.

I managed to read and review:

Books read : 7
Reviewed : 8
2 Paperback (owned)
5 e-copies (Blogtour / Netgalley)
Pages: 2733

Books read:

Read last month but reviewed in September-
A Summer to Remember by Victoria Cooke — (Review) 5/5

Beautiful, heartwarming summery romance with wonderful setting and depth. It was about second chance at love, getting over grief, and moving on in life. Loved this among all other Victoria’s book I read.

Clear My Name by Paula Daly — (Review) 5/5

Gripping, suspenseful, thought-provoking mystery thriller with realistic characters and clever plot. It was about mother-daughter relationship, betrayal, imperfections of human beings, guilt, lies, mistakes made in life, and suffering and turmoil of being alone, away from loved ones.


Right Beside You by Mary Monroe — (Review) 3.5/5

Quick, light, cute romance with Christmassy feel that you can read in one sitting. It revolved around Felicia and Richard, two coworkers and commuters who were friends for long time and fancied each other from afar. It was about love from afar, being happy for someone you love, and letting your loved one know about your feeling before it’s too late. But I missed the fun of reading their growing love. I felt like I know them alright and understood their confusion but couldn’t feel their feelings. They didn’t make lasting impression.

Best Kept Seceret (The Clifton Chronicles #3) by Jeffrey Archer — (Review) 4.5/5

Dramatic, entertaining, suspenseful family saga with many twists and turns and interesting historical aspects. There was bit of everything, family drama, rivalry, court room drama, revenge, family support and love, loss, suspense, entertainment, politics, money and art fraud. I really enjoyed this book. Only small issue was, it was overly dramatic and I loved previous books more.

The Secrets of Lost Stones by Melissa Payne — (Review) 5/5

It was about getting over loss, grief and haunted memories, giving life a second chance, friendship and bonding with new people and place, hope, justice, and redemption. I just loved everything about this book. Great plot and setting, emotions and drama, perfect blend of realistic and supernatural world, wonderful characterization, and intriguing mystery. It was wow.

Anne of Windy Willows (Anne of Green Gables #4) by L.M. Montgomery — (Review) 5/5

Semi epistolary, historical/Women’s fiction that revolved around Anne’s three years as a Principal of Summerside High School. It was about friendship, helping people of Summerside, and importance of happiness, life, dresses and imagination. I just love Anne Shirley, L.M. Montgomery’s writing and her beautiful stories.

Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Enlightened Cow (Barnabas Tew #4) by Columbkill Noonan — (Review) 5/5

Fun, comical, cozy, fast paced mystery with amusing dialogues and characters. It was about enlightenment on Karma, Dharma, eternal life and death cycle. I definitely recommend this book.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca — (Review) 5/5

feel good, gripping, cute, refreshing, and dramatic romantic comedy with lovey small town and fun fair. It was about family love, belongingness, getting over grief, letting others help and share responsibility, and need of change without affecting the essence of originality. The message was deep and thought provoking. It’s perfect summer read. I highly recommend this book.

Book Promo/Blitz:

False Series by Meli Raine —- [Post]
Silo Boys by Amy-Brooke Odell — [Post]
Anbatar – Legacy of the blood guard by Anne Dolleri — [Post]
The Worst Couple in the World by Holly Tierney Bedford — [Post]

Cover Reveal:

One Week ‘Til Christmas by Belinda Missen — [Post]
Coming Home To Merriment Bay by Emily Harvale — [Post]
A Typical Family Christmas by Liz Davies — [Post]
Parting Worlds by Kaitlyn Davis — [Post]
The Vagabond Mother by Tracey Scott-Townsend — [Post]

Guest Post:

Mercenary’s Child (The Phoenix Fallacy Book 1) by Jonathan Sourbeer — [Post]

Author Interview:

Palmer Pickering, author of Moon Deeds — [Post]


I can’t decide one. They were amazing. So all 5 star reads are books of the month.

Let’s discuss!

How was you month in reading? What did you read in August? Have you read any of these books or add to your TBR? Which book(s) was your BOTM?


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