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NUTSI wants to catch the moon by Emma Paidge, Gaëlle Cogan (Translator)
Publication Date: November 16th 2018
Genre: Children’s book / Picture book
Grade Level: P – 2
Age Level: 07
Pages: 32
Stars: ★★★★☆ [3.5]

NUTSI has a terrible secret. He asks his friend Lili for help. Meet our two little squirrels in a beautiful story with the funny stuffed hazelnut.

*** Note: I downloaded free kindle copy of this book from Amazon. Many thanks to author. ***

NUTSI wants to catch the moon was a cute children’s book and as title suggest, it revolved around Nutsi, the squirrel, who set out on adventure to catch the moon. It’s about fear children feel and talking about them with your family.

It start with telling readers about Nutsi and his fears, why he wanted to catch the moon and what he did to catch it. The story was short and sweet. Illustrations were good, colorful and eye catching. I love that cute stuff nut.

I liked the message in the book. It’s common to have fears at any age and troubles little ones more. But as they are young and naïve it’s important to teach them to talk about their fears with their loved ones and find its solutions with your family who can make it easier before they set out to solve it themselves that might endanger them and worry parent to death. The book provide opportunity to opens the discussion about kids’ fear and trouble and finding a solution about it and also allows parents to point at the dangers in going out in the middle of night.

Why 3.5 stars-

I wish there were more illustrations and other ideas Nutsi might have used. My main concern was, author should have shown parents’ worry. Nutsi and his friends were out in forest in the middle of night and they didn’t go to find them. Lucky they, grandma was living nearby.

I guess it’s important to show children, it’s not safe venturing out in the middle of night and that’s too without telling their parents. Also I think there should be one more page on encouraging kids to discuss their fears with parents and family.

Another thing was Nutsy seem bit selfish. He told his friend, he will help her in building snowman if she helped him to find tallest tree. That looked not good and will not create positive impression. Only if he have helped her first and went out on his adventure, it might have looked better.

Overall, it was good children’s book that parents and kids can read together and a great discussion starter.

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What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already? Are you going to add it to TBR? what you feared most as child?


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Self Confident Sandy by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Illustrated by Sally Huss @SallyHuss #Bookbuzz #KidsBooks @LoveBooksGroup #Lovebookstours

Hello Readers! I’m excited to be part of book blitz for Self-Confident Sandy by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, organized by  Love Books Group. Read more about this interesting children’s book in this post.


Sandy was full of self-confidence. Where did it come from? She could do anything, but why? Ah, she had a special mantra that she used to explain herself. “” You may ask me why I can do anything I try… and the only answer can be: all these things are inside me!’ Yes, I can do most anything. Once I set my mind and heart to it, I find that there is nothing to it. Still, I keep my mantra handy,” explained Self-Confident Sandy!

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About Sally Huss

Author/Illustrator Sally Huss creates children’s books to uplift the lives of children. She does this by giving them tools to overcome obstacles; by helping them value themselves and others; and by inspiring them to be the best that they can be. Her catalogue of books now exceeds 100.

“Bright and happy,” “light and whimsical” have been the catch phrases attached to the writings and art of Sally Huss for over 30 years. Sweet images dance across all of Sally’s creations, whether in the form of children’s books, paintings, wallpaper, ceramics, baby bibs, purses, clothing, or her King Features syndicated newspaper panel “Happy Musings.”

Sally is a graduate of USC with a degree in Fine Art and through the years has had 26 of her own licensed art galleries throughout the world.

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is one of America’s foremost personal and corporate development consultants. She is the creator of The Best Ever You Network (or Best Ever You), a leading multimedia provider of lifestyle and self-help content. While participating in the Harvard Business School for Leadership program, Elizabeth serves as a Leadership Advisor for the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

In 2020 Elizabeth joined Sally Huss to create the best-selling children’s book A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies. Living with life-threatening food allergies for many years, Elizabeth added her personal experience and her expertise to the project. She also sits on several boards of organizations and foundations that bring awareness to this life-threatening condition.

Elizabeth is also the best-selling author of Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House Publishing).


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What do you think about the book?
Have you read this book already or any book by the same author?
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#BlogBlitz #Review : The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary by Martii Maclean @MacleanMartii @rararesources

The Adventures of Isabel Necessary.png

Hey Book Lovers! Today I’m excited to share review on The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary as part of Book blitz tour organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Many thanks to Rachel for tour invite and author for providing E-copy of this book.

The Adv - mmaclean-isabelle-cover-print

The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary by Martii Maclean

Publication Date: October 2018
Publisher: Kooky Cat Books
Read Date: September 19th 2018
Target Age: Children / MG (ages 9+)
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Pages: 246
Stars: 4/5

4 star


One gutsy eleven-year-old, a cool beach town, a hilarious crew of friends and oodles of adventures.

Once upon a beach, there was a girl called Isabelle Necessary. A girl with an unusual name and a rather extraordinary life. She roams around a sleepy beach town with her loyal team of friends.  Follow Isabelle, Tammy, David, Nin, Draino the cat and Champ the wonder dog as they navigate one sticky situation after another and figure out how to turn a frog into a movie star, deal with a never-ending milkshake and escape being trapped in a lighthouse.

The type of book that brings back childhood memories and captures the essence of being a free-spirited kid.

Perfect for teachers and educators as the book comes with a teacher’s resource guide and student maker kit by Isabelle Necessary herself. Middle-grade reading level.


Isabelle Necessary was collection of stories and consecutive adventures of Isabelle with her best friend Tammy.

Isabelle was a girl from Saggy Beach town mostly spending her time with her Aunt Emma who was living in retirement village. She was clever, smart, artistic and mature girl who understood her parents’ work and their constant absence. I loved the way she took care of her aunt and all elders living in retirement quarters. She helped them in all the work she could was a great friend. Her aunt was supportive and fun loving person who gave all the freedom to Isabelle with almost no rules.

Introductory chapter gave clear view of Isabelle’s life in Saggy Beach town, her family, friends and retirement village community. Each chapters included adventures of different activities like, participating in event and competition, snorkeling, managing store, horse riding, enjoying rainy season with friends, saving animals and town, helping elders and people in community. It had all sort of good activities that kids can would love to discover with scientific and environmental learning.

Isabelle’s mishap with light house was something new with semaphore signals which can teach kids about secret codes and can have fun decoding them. It was my favorite story in the book.

Best thing about the story was, there is online resources for teachers and fun activities for kids available on author’s website here that you can download here.

All illustrations were lifelike and I loved all the drawing in the book. It was quick read with some cool adults funny mischievous cat that kids would love to read and bring back the childhood memory for adults.

why not 5 stars.png

Book and the events was all too goody to digest like- Isabelle never got any scolding from Aunt Emma, a tiff with her friend was solved so easily and the biggest was her cool demeanor towards her parents’ absence. It was hard to believe girl of her age can take parent’s absence and fight with friend easily or can get away without any scolding from adults. I would like it more if there was little realistic approach.


Overall, book was charming, easy to read and kids would love to explore streets of Saggy Beach town and discover adventures of Isabelle Necessary.


Author Bio:

The Adv - authorbiopic_MartiiMaclean.jpgMartii Maclean lives in a tin shack by the sea, catching sea-gulls which she uses to make delicious pies, and writing weird stories. She likes going for long bicycle rides with her cat, who always wears aviator goggles to stop her whiskers blowing up into her eyes as they speed down to the beach to search for mermaid eggs. Or how about this…

Martii Maclean writes fantastical, adventurous tales for children and teens and sometimes adults. She was born in Sydney, Australia and now lives in Brisbane with her husband Trevor and her cat Minerva. Her work as an educator and librarian, allows her to share her love of stories and of story-telling with many young people. This inspires Martii to create thought-filled stories that explore the wonderful world of ‘what if’. Find out more about Martii and her stories at

Social Media Links:

IG / Facebook / Goodreads / Twitter: @MacleanMartii


Purchase Links:

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the author as part of blog tour, in exchange for an honest review. ***

What do you think about the book and my review?
Have you read this book already or any book by this author?

Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.



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One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates @Shalini_G26 @robbie_b_yates

Hey Book Lovers! Today I’m happy to share review and excerpt of refreshing children fiction- One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates as part of blog tour, organized by Shalini @ Digital Reads Blog Tours. Many thanks to Shalini for tour invite and to author for providing eARC.


One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie to Yates

Publication Date: September 23rd 2018
Read Date: September 30th 2018
Genre: Children’s Fiction / Middle grade / Mystery
Pages: 82
Stars: 5/5

5 star


The humming noise got louder. Adam willed himself to focus. He had to finish his math test.

Suddenly, the noise became unbearable. He glanced up.

Mrs Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?


Every child remembers a teacher who was a little bizarre, prickly or ill-tempered. Some teachers, though, are very odd indeed, and warrant some closer attention…

This quirky chapter book will thrill kids who are adventurous, brave, and a little bit cheeky!


After recess, Mrs Murphy handed out a math test. The day got immeasurably worse.

Adam dropped his head into his hands. He knew he was going to fail.

“During this test,” Mrs Murphy announced, “you’ll need to use the TrooCo pencils from your stationery packs. You aren’t allowed to help others, and you must keep your eyes on your own work. Anyone caught copying will get a zero on the test, and a visit to Principal Sharley.”

She moved closer to where Adam and Jennifer sat. She peered at Adam pointedly. “I don’t think I need to remind you that we will all be doing this silently.”

She handed out the tests and Adam searched in his pencil case for a TrooCo pencil. He found one just as the test slid onto his desk.

He glanced at the first page. It looked incomprehensible. He sighed, wrote his name at the top, and shot Jennifer a desperate look. She shrugged her shoulders, already a few questions in.

Adam stared at Question 1. It began with a picture of a donut.

A teacher needs to chop a donut into thirty pieces, the instructions said. Every child in the class should get the same-sized piece. Draw a diagram to show how it can be done.

Adam frowned. What sort of teacher gives each child one thirtieth of a donut? he thought.

He strummed his fingers on his chin, trying to figure out what he had to do, but a high-pitched hum was distracting him. Adam forced himself to ignore the noise and concentrate on his test.

Under Question 2, there were several identical cartoon socks. The question was about sorting them into groups of three. Who groups their socks in threes? Adam thought, rolling his eyes. They belong in pairs!

The high-pitched humming sound got louder. Adam willed himself to focus.

The answer to the sock problem was on the tip of his tongue when the humming became unbearable. He glanced up.

Mrs Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?

Adam frowned. Mrs Murphy shuffled over to another part of the room, and the humming faded. He looked over at Jennifer, trying to make eye contact. But Jennifer, diligent as always, was engrossed in the second page of the test.

He kept staring at Jennifer, hoping she’d feel his eyes on her and look up. All of a sudden, the humming sound became louder again, ringing in his ears like an angry mosquito.

Adam looked up. Mrs Murphy was standing right in front of him, her eyes fixed on his. The hum was deafening. “Keep your eyes on your own work, Adam,” she said. Adam nodded, gulped, and stared back down at his test, hoping she’d go away.

From that moment onwards, every time Adam glanced up from his test, Mrs Murphy was staring right at him. He tried as hard as he could to keep his eyes on his paper, but the noise was making it impossible to think. His score on this test was going to be abysmal.

Once the test was finally over, and Mrs Murphy had gathered up all the papers, he leant over to Jennifer. “Please tell me you heard that!” he whispered.

“Heard what?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. Her freckles jumped across her face.

“That noise, during the test. That weird humming.”

Jennifer shook her head. Melodramatically, she touched Adam’s forehead, checking for a fever. Adam rolled his eyes.

“I’m not going crazy,” he said. “I heard something. It was bizarre.”

Sure you did,” said Jennifer, crossing her arms. “It’s lucky it’s nearly home time, kid. I think you need some rest.”

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One Very Odd Teacher was children fiction revolving around adorable Adam who had very odd class teacher, Mrs Murphy, who gives him creeps. One Odd nightmare and odd sounds around Mrs. Murphy made Adam suspicious about his teacher. As the day passes he observes very peculiar things about his class teacher that lead to an investigation which turned out the biggest scandal in the town.

Adam was very average yet clever and observant class 5M student with artistic as well as detective ability. His voice in the book was fun to read and many young reader will find themselves relating to him. His parents were also supportive, I liked to hear the stories they shared from their school days. His best friend Jennifer was smart and I liked the way she eventually supported Adam in exposing truth.

Author has wonderful storytelling ability. The book was written in witty tone that made me chuckle throughout the book. In just short pages there was creepy teacher, a suspense, sleuthing mystery, adorable protagonist and creative characters. There was everything you would want in children’s book.

What I liked most about the book was Adams’s detailed notes on Mrs. Murphy, Adam and Jennifer’s friendship, their snooping and brilliant plan, and the way they executed it. Both Adam and Jennifer were brave and sharp-witted and I liked how they took cautious steps after discovering the secret and kept their suspicious eye on everyone.

This book tells how smart and observant kids can be, how adults underestimates their ability and sometimes takes advantage of kid’s innocence to gain something.

Overall, it was fun, entertaining, suspenseful mystery that kids would love to solve. I highly recommend this book to all young readers.


Author Bio:

Robbie Yates Author Image.jpgRobbie Yates is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He likes cocoa, cheeky poetry, and eating all of the red jellybeans before anybody else can get to them.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read ridiculous and wacky kids’ fiction. He also likes practical jokes and terrible puns.

Author Social Media Links:

Amazon Author Central pageAuthor’s Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Instagram

Book Link:

Amazon: Ebook / Paperback


***Note: I received e-ARC from the author as a part of blog tour, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. ***


What do you think about the book and my review?
Have you read this book already or any books by this author?

Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.



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Heidi by Johanna Spyri


Publication date: November 25th 2016 (First published 1880)

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Read Date: August 28th 2018

Genre: Children’s Fiction /  Classic

Pages: 240

Stars: 5/5

5 star



Heidi was a beautiful classic a story of 5-yrs-old young orphan girl, Heidi, who comes to live on Swiss mountain with her grandfather and fall in love with the place, old hut and her new neighbors. It’s a coming of age story about family love, friendship, country life, faith in God, and magic of mountain air that can cure mind and body of kids and adults alike.

Heidi was a thoughtful, good hearted, lively and an apt child who instantly won my heart. She was such an innocent soul who loved mountains, goats, nature and appreciated what little she had hat in her beloved grandfather’s hut. I so adored her for her selflessness and her eagerness to help all who needed it. Her development in the book was gradual and I liked the way she turned out by the end of the book. There was so much to learn from this little girl and the book itself.

Uncle Alp was amazing grandfather that every child wish to have. His old eyes had seen and suffered lot before Heidi and when she entered his life she changed this old man awe-inspiringly. I liked his development in the third part of the book.

Member of Sesemann household were colorful. Grandmamma was my favorite of all who taught many good things Heidi. She was wise old woman who knew her ways to children’s heart and soul. Her lifelong lessons stayed with Heidi till the end of the book.  Peter, the goatherd was hungriest boy I ever seen. I bet, he would do anything for food. He was not bad but was little hard to understand as he didn’t interact much and I honestly didn’t like the way he considered Heidi as his property and was sometimes very ungrateful.

Story was created by four phases in Heidi’s life- Heidi coming to stay with her grandfather, Heidi in Frankfurt at Sessmann household, back to old hut, and visitors from Frankfurt. I was enamored by author’s writing and style and how she portrayed all these phases of Heidi’s life and her development along with it.

In the beginning of the book only author presented the presumptive nature of villagers and picturesque shimmering beauty of mountain and the old cozy hut. All characters were introduced with careful details which gave the feel of knowing them instantly. Goats in the book were so cute, even they were narrated immaculately.

Heidi’s daily visit to valleys over the mountain was most remarkable part of the book that made me fall in love with the place like all other characters in the book. This first phase of Heidi’s life was full of happiness and new discoveries.

Heidi’s life in Frankfurt was written with so much emotion. It broke my heart when Heidi’s aunt, Detie came back and dragged her to Sessmann household against her wish. I felt heavy in heart when Miss Rottenmeier forbidden her to cry and seeing her suffer due to homesickness. Amid all the gloominess, initial innocent mistakes of Heidi, visit of Grandmamma and the ghost in the house made it amusing to read. This phase taught Heidi lot about life- disciplines, gratefulness, forming a bond of friendship, importance of studies, love for book, and faith in God.

Third part of the book, Heidi’s return and visitors from Frankfurt, was my favorite. They were simply heartwarming. New change in Uncle Alp, reading hymns to grannie, Peter’s learning and miraculous recovery of Heidi’s friend was uplifting. I laughed at Peter’s fear and the effect of ABC rhyme had on him.

I liked the way author frequently encouraged characters and so readers to keep faith in God, what good that come from praying and what happens when one don’t trust God or stop praying throughout the book. I also liked the way peter was taught about the consequences of doing wrong to other in rage. Religious messages, forming bonds with other, gratefulness and selflessness, love for nature, vanity of riches and appearance, simple and healthy living – all these can forms strong foundation in children and also had a good life messages for adults.

Overall, it was captivating, charming, delightful, insightful classic with full of emotions. It’s best book for children and I wish to read it again and again. Loved it!


Author: Johanna Spyri

Buy Link: /

What do you think about the book and my review?
Have you read this book already? Which classic is your favorite?

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