If all the World by Joseph Coelho, Allison Colpoys

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Publication Date: June 7th 2018

Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

Read Date: June 30th 2018

Genre: Picture book / Children’s Fiction

Pages: 32

Stars: 4/5

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Goodreads blurb_edited

A moving, poetic picture book about a young girl’s love for her granddad and how she copes when his grandad dies, written by poet and playwright Joe Coelho. This powerful and ultimately uplifting text is the ideal way to introduce children to the concept of death and dying, particularly those who have lost a grandparent. Beautifully illustrated by new talent Allison Colpoys. 


Book is about little girl who loved her granddad dearly and carries his memory along with her. I liked the blurb and purpose of writing the book.

Book started with little girl telling the activities she did with her granddad in different seasons and shows her love for granddad by telling how happy she was how much she enjoyed all the time of all season with her granddad. I loved the way author gave word to all those moments a ‘Kaleidoscope of memory’ and the illustration of it was really beautiful.

The writing was poetic and young girl’s perspective to the story made it warm and heart touching that can take the reader back to memory lane of their grandparents. The bond between girl and granddad was sweet, I could feel girl’s strong attachment to him. The granddad in the story was Indian. Storyline was creative. I loved these lines below, in fact all the lines the depicted child’s imagination and love for her granddad.

“If all the world were deep space, I’d orbit my granddad like the moon and our laughs would be shooting stars.”

The book is very colorful with kid’s imagination. I loved the way child poured out her sadness through a memory in a book preserving them for forever. It was great idea to help kids to cope with the loss of their loved ones.

why not 5 stars_edited

I would like it even more if author had written more on child’s emotion after the loss and also parents’ involvement with their kid helping her to put her thoughts and emotions into that diary. It seemed like granddad thought about it beforehand kid just understood the purpose of that.


Overall, it was moving engaging and beautiful story book that kids would love to read.


Author: Joseph Coelho

Illustrator: Allison Colpoys

About author and illustrator click ⇒ Here ⇐.

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*** Note: I received e-ARC of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Publishers and NetGalley. ***

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Saturday Short-Story Review: The Boy by Nrupal Das

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello Book Lovers! I hope you are enjoying weekend. Today’s short story review is on a fictional short story The Boy by Nrupal Das.


The Boy by Nrupal Das

Publication Date: February 10th 2018

Read Date: April 7th 2018

Category: Fiction

Pages: 14

Stars: 3.5/5

3 half_edited

Goodreads blurb_edited

Story of a boy who went to play his usual tennis ball cricket in a nearby field. Nothing was unusual that day. Until in the evening when the boy does not return. and a friend tells her mom that the boy never went to play that day. 

A frantic search begins with the neighbours and the boy’s friends pulling in all their resources. Does the boy return? Where did he go? Where was he taken? What happens at the end? 


The Boy was a gripping story about love of child for his mother and family and a mother’s mental status for her missing child. It’s a story of faith, pure love, and fruits of true prayer.

What I liked_edited

The boy told in third person narration revolved around Amit, a boy who went missing and his mother (Mili) and family. Book started with strong beginning that instantly pulled me into story. Author has nicely introduced main characters and other side characters giving the overview of Amit and his Mili’s life and their love for each other. I liked the way all Amit’s friends and neighbors came to help Mili and they went to search for him in bad weather.

The suspense and tension was great. When Amit went missing all kind of scenario crossed my mind, I had so many questions and I was curious to know what might have happened to Amit, if they will find him or not.

The climax was surprising and I didn’t expected it such a way. The religious touch was placed nicely, the story at this point sounded exactly like I was listening from my grandparents.

The end was also good but I expecting something more to it.

This story was very short, I read it in less than an hour. It would be perfect for break reading and a good family story.

why not 5 stars_edited

Well, many reader had issue with climax and end but for me it was just okay, not that bad just needed little different execution. My main issue was with mother. Author could have written mother’s grief and torment much better, specifically the part when she realizes Amit is missing. I didn’t like that her worry was voiced by Amit’s friend that why she was so worried on hearing Amit didn’t go to play with his friends and had not returned home. All the questions that I had could be expressed by mother but it wasn’t. Her grief was not expressed properly and maybe that’s why didn’t feel for characters the way I would have. Story had tension and suspense, I loved the way it flowed but it lacked proper execution.

It could be little longer more expressed and emotional but it wasn’t.


Overall, the story interesting, gripping and suspenseful. Those who liked to read fictional story of missing boy and little religious touch may like to read this one.


Author: Nrupal Das

Buy Link: Amazon.in / amazon.com

*** Note: I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author for giving me a chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already? Have you read something similar to this before? Share your thoughts in comment-box below.

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Saturday Short-Story Review: Greek Mythology: Beyond Mount Olympus by in60Learning


Saturday Short Story Review

Hello Book Lover! I hope you all are having cheerful and relaxing weekend. Today’s short story review is on nonfiction book Greek Mythology: Beyond Mount Olympus by in60Learning.

Greek Mythology

Publication Date: March 2nd 2018

Publisher: in60Learning

Read Date: March 17th 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 38

Stars: 4/5

4 star_crop

Goodreads blurb_edited

Smarter in sixty minutes. 

Get smarter in just 60 minutes with in60Learning. Concise and elegantly written non-fiction books and audiobooks help you learn the core subject matter in 20% of the time that it takes to read a typical book. Life is short, so explore a multitude of fascinating historical, biographical, scientific, political, and financial topics in only an hour each. 

You’ve heard of Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, etc. The twelve Greek gods who sat atop thrones on Mount Olympus have permeated popular imagination. But what do you know about the Greek underworld, minor gods, and mythical beasts? Do you know how these stories were passed on from generation to generation, or what significance they held for the people who believed in them? This fascinating e-book introduces readers to the canon of Greek mythology and its influence on the world today in language, storytelling, and even science.


This book was nonfiction that gave overview of Greek mythology and explained how Greek mythology deeply intertwined with today’s modern world and became base of our beliefs. It covered the primordial Gods, birth of 12 main Gods and Goddesses who lived on mount Olympus, minor Gods and Goddess, underworld, mythical creatures, heroes, creation of humans, their influence on Roman mythology and their Roman equivalents. Pretty much everything.

What I liked_edited

First I loved the influence of Greek mythology in today’s world. It awed me how many words are derived from Greek mythology, from the name of Gods and Goddesses. Few I already knew and some were new to me. Being a fan of Percy Jackson is the advantage of knowing most of the things mentioned in this book so it was easy for me to go through this small version of Greek Mythology. This is very vast concept and if we look at it, it’s merely impossible to cover whole mythology in just 32 pages, but author did it and kudos for that.

All the minor details were included in just few lines. Right from birth of Gods and mount Olympus, how humans were created, Pandora, rituals of dead, Nymphs, satyrs to Greek Heroes- all that I remembered were given a line or two. Some stories were also recounted for better understanding.

I liked the part in which author compared heroes of marvel movies with Greek Heroes and how Greek mythology was taken as base inspiration in creation of Marvel movies. It was amazing that Greek mythology is core of so many things- Names of planets were based on Greek mythology which was later renamed with their Roman equivalent. Saturday is also from the word Saturn (Cronus in Greek). I also liked the stories of each constellation and zodiac signs which was new to me. At last the reason why we believe in fates so strongly, it was remarkable.

By comparing Greek mythology to the modern world, author has clearly concluded in this book that this stories might be thousand years old and might be just myth and stories passed down from generation to generation but it still has influenced us lot, more than we can think of, and has become the base of the humankind and human nature.

This concept of learning such a vast topic with deep meaning in just 60 minutes was utterly mind blowing.

why not 5 stars_edited

As much as I appreciate all the details included in this book, I cannot overlook the fact that it’s not for those who are new to Greek Mythology. It will be too overwhelming for them. Plus in this book, the facts and points were given gathered from research,  the detailed stories of all these facts are more entertaining.


Overall, it was concise account of whole Greek mythology with its influence on today’s life. I recommend this book to all Mythology lovers.


You can also check out other titles by this new publishing brand called in60Learning⇒⇒ here.  There is also LearningList sign-up form if you wish to subscribe and get the sample chapters, for that click ⇒⇒ here. I liked their reading in 60 minutes concept. I hope guys find something interesting on their list as well.

Buy Link: Amazon.com / Amazon.in

*** Note: I got this copy free on amazon kindle. Many thanks to author and publisher for contacting me and introducing me to their work and all interesting titles. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book already? Have you read something similar to this before? Share your thoughts in comment-box below.

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