#Blitz : Defence of Exeter Station BY Thom Bedford @ThomBedford @Shalini_G26

Hello readers! I’m happy to be part of blitz tour for DEFENSE OF EXETER STATION BY THOM BEDFORD, organized by Digital Reads Blog Tours. Check out excerpt from this interesting Space opera in this post.


At the turn of the twenty-ninth century, the Milky Way is on the verge of a galactic war. The Combined Systems Alliance continues to expand their territory—much to the displeasure of the Free Planetary Union who, until now, lacked the resources to halt the encroachment. In a bid to wrest control from the Alliance and retake their former colonies, Union agents throughout the Alliance Fleet organize a mass insurgency seizing countless assets. During the ensuing chaos, numerous ships are decimated and millions of lives are lost.

Retired Alliance Commander Tanic Sandorn finds himself stranded on a border station after the Union launches an all-out assault. Fighting against anxieties from the incident that pushed him into early retirement, Sandorn accepts being recalled to active duty and propelled to the front lines. This time, he will protect his crew and the inhabitants of the Exeter star system from any approaching threat—never again will he leave anyone behind.

But outnumbered, outgunned, and outflanked, Exeter Station is left running at a fraction of its operating capacity. Sandorn and the Alliance officers on board must strategize quickly and carefully to hold their ground, or they will be forced to surrender the station, the system, and their lives.

For fans of epic space operas, like Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series, Jasper T. Scott’s Dead Space series, and David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. 


Every crew member aboard the Veloz ran from stem to stern working tirelessly to patch every hole in the ship. The damage was critical to the point that nearly half the ship had been evacuated. With so little power available, compartmental force fields were inoperable, leaving only a single fire door between repair crews and the vacuum of space in many areas.

Not a single deck was spared at least some devastation, for as the ship’s superstructure twisted and contorted under heavy firepower, panels came loose and circuits overloaded throughout resulting in debris littering every room and corridor. The floors weren’t only littered with discarded paneling and blown circuitry, but also injured, dying, and dead crew members. The initial unexpected surprise attack caused the most death and destruction, taking over a hundred lives. Then as the battle wore on, further loss of life was inevitable.

The victory was Pyrrhic, but it was a victory, nonetheless.

Book links:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088PPSN87

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B088PPSN87

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53427789-the-defense-of-exeter-station

Website: https://thombedford.com/the-defense-of-exeter-station/

About Author:

Thom grew up in suburban Cheshire, England with his parents and brother. During school he had a propensity for creativity, either writing, building models, painting, or programming. Every subject choice was motivated by creating and building, whether it be design technology, graphic design, programming, or creative writing.

After studying Computer Science at The University of Manchester, he started working as a Software Developer. Following in his father’s footsteps, he worked as a Technical Consultant in London for several years, then in Data Warehousing back in Manchester.

In his spare time, Thom still writes, build models, paints, and programs, but nowadays also listens to a lot of music, watches a lot of films, and enjoys playing computer games.

His love for science fiction comes from blockbuster films like Starship Troopers, Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as B-movies like Wing Commander, Pitch Black, and Iron Sky. Computer games like Homeworld, EVE-Online, and Stellaris, and books like Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series, Jasper T. Scott’s Dead Space series, and David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. In other words, sci-fi—particularly space opera—in any media.

Thom currently lives in Cheshire, England, with his wife, Helen, and their two cats.

Author Social media:

Website: http://thombedford.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThomBedford

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/thombedford

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments what do you think about the book or if you have read it already or if you are going to add it to TBR.

Happy Reading!

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#BookBlitz : Steel Reign: Flight of the Starship Concord by Braxton A. Cosby @BraxtonACosby @RRBookTours1 #SteelReign #Scifi #Books #RRBookTours

Hey Sci-Fi fans! I have a new release you’re going to want to check out! Read on for an excerpt from new release, Steel Reign: Flight of the Starship Concord by Braxton A. Cosby!

Steel Reign: Flight of the Starship Concord
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2020
Genre: Science Fiction


A Thief turned Spy, turned Bounty Hunter, turned Hero!

After surviving an all-out implosion of catastrophic proportions following the failed fusion of twin stars Mira A and B in a class B Supernova, the people of galaxy Proxima Centauri have pressed forward with dreams and hopes of finally living in peace. But for Bounty Hunter Steel Reign, the clock of destiny is speeding ahead at a steadfast pace as he desires to hunt down a group of rogue super-soldiers before they can plot against King William Derry and his kingdom on planet Fabricius.

Consistent work as a Hunter in Proxima Centauri has always been a feast or famine occupation, and when the flow of credits slow to a snail’s pace, Reign must find a secondary means of funding to finance his seek and destroy assignment by way of scalping a precious artifact on the open Black Market. That is, until his supplier comes up short, forcing him to pump the brakes and fall back to Plan B: finding his long lost sister Olia who was captured by the space pirate Forge, and forced to compete in a deadly game of chance aboard the Eclipse. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the stakes have just been raised when he discovers that she is the only source of an antibody that can offer a cure for the deadly, venomous DX virus lurking in his blood, just waiting to consume him.

To survive, Reign will have to test not only his skills as a legendary assassin, but also his patience, as he takes on a rogue band of misfits to steal and crew the prototype starship Concord to thwart Forge’s plans once and for all.

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Escaping that day was the easiest part of the gig, as I accessed the ventilation shaft and weaved my way to the docking bay before anyone could lock down the vessel. I buried the memory deep within my psyche and promised to never unearth it again.

That is until I met Serias. I don’t remember how long it took for her to work it outta me, but somehow, she did. It was the last time I can recall shedding tears for anyone, and Serias told me that I never would again. That she would carry the pain in her heart for me. She vowed that no soul would ever be able to hurt me like that and if they did, she’d send them to the gods faster than light speed.

It’s those memories that burn more now than ever before. The betrayal she must feel for me when I left her all alone back on Delvis Chong, never to return. But I did it all for her…at least that’s what I told myself. What I convinced myself of. ‘The worst lie you could ever believe is the 1 you tell yourself,’ I recall Tannan telling me on the first day of Spy Guild training. And it rings true to this day.

Seeing Serias here, now, makes everything more complicated than ever before. I could give it all up, possibly tell her the truth and pray she’d take me back. But what would I ransom in return? Olia’s life for my happiness? As I mull this decision over while I stand in line for interview registration, I catch a glimpse of Serias strolling by in my periphery. She’s still as stunning as the day I laid eyes on her. I watch and wait, hopeful that she’ll turn and give me a look. Some flicker that I still haunt her memories as much as she does mine.

“You, step up,” a voice grumbles before me. I shake from my daydream and approach the table, holding out my ID card. A man reaches forward and takes the card from me, scans it 1 time and then hands it back. He points to a row of chairs to my right and flicks his wrist, ushering me over. Only 1 other person is seated. “Have a seat over there and wait quietly. You’re next. The proctor will call you when ready.”

I nod and take the ID card back. And as I step out of line, I look back, hopeful of finding Serias, but she is nowhere to be found.

Now Available on Amazon!

About Author:

Multi-Award Winning and #1 Amazon Bestselling author Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer who transitioned his ideas on pen and paper to pixels and keyboards. He has penned over 16 novels and written several screenplays; many based on his own works. He tells stories that evoke emotions and stimulate thought. THE STARCROSSED SAGA and THE CAPE are currently Young Adult and Superhero series he created, with spins offs for INFINITY 7: GODS AMONG MEN and his latest Bounty Hunter, scifi release, STEEL REIGN: FLIGHT OF THE STARSHIP CONCORD. THE STARCROSSED SAGA has won multiple science fiction and young adult awards, while THE CAPE has also earned recognition for it’s prowess as a literary fiction series. Braxton is the CEO of Cosby Media Productions and lives in Georgia with his amazing wife and a highly energetic Morkie named StarKozy.

Cosby Media Productions | Braxton Cosby | The Red Gemini Chronicles

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#AuthorInterview #Spotlight : Palmer Pickering, author of Moon Deeds #MoonDeeds @palmerpickerin1

Hello Readers! Today I’m pleased to welcome Palmer Pickering for an interview on Books Teacup and Review. Palmer Pickering is debut author of Moon Deed, first in Star Children Saga, an adult fantasy/science-fiction crossover. Before interview, check out this fascinating cover and synopsis.

Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1) by Palmer Pickering
Publication Date: March 7th 2019 
Publisher: Mythology Press
Genre: Fantasy / Science-Fiction / Space Opera


It’s 2090: the last outpost of freedom is the moon, the best defense against technology is magic, and the only hope for humankind rests in the hands of the Star Children.

Twins Cassidy and Torr must save Earth from a ruthless enemy at a time when the only force more powerful than alien technology is magic. Moon Deeds launches the siblings’ journey across the galaxy, where they must learn their power as the Star Children, claim their shamanic heritage, and battle dark forces that threaten humankind.

The Star Children Saga follows Cassidy and Torr as they slowly awaken to their destiny as the twin Star Children, born every millennium to reconnect with the source of all life. They come to discover the sheer enormity of their task: to find our ancestors on a lost planet across the galaxy and save humanity from a spiraling descent into darkness. The powers they must wield to accomplish this task are truly frightening and put at risk everything they love.

Come along with 20-year-old twins Cassidy and Torr, who inherited deeds to land parcels on the moon. They want to use their moon deeds to get off Earth and escape a brutal dictatorship. But first they must unlock their shaman powers.

A rollicking yet poignant adventure in the not too distant future, when we have colonized the moon and nearly lost Earth to a dictatorship. Only the shamans remain free, plus the lucky ones who escaped to the moon.

Join the adventure! An addictive space opera, science-fantasy series.

Palmer has been writing fiction since she was eight. She received her BA in American Studies from Wesleyan University, with concentrations in Religion and Race Relations.

She currently works in Silicon Valley as an Innovation and Technology Manager for HP, Inc. In addition to her career in high tech, Palmer holds a certificate in Chinese Acupressure, is a certified solar panel installer, and studied Tibetan Buddhism with the 14th Dalai Lama.

She lives and writes in the magical redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, California, and travels back and forth to Nashville, Tennessee, where she dabbles in songwriting.

Can you tell readers little about your book Moon Deeds? What they can expect from the book?

Sure. Moon Deeds is the first book of a science-fiction/fantasy series, the Star Children Saga. The story is about twenty-year-old twins Cassidy and Torr. They are legendary twins, who are born every thousand years to reconnect with our ancestors across the galaxy and save humanity from a downward spiral into a permanent dark ages. However, this millennium, the path to our ancestors has been broken. It is up to Cassidy and Torr to find their way across the galaxy and find the lost ancestral planet. But to do that, they must unlock their shaman skills and stay alive.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

It started with a gag gift from my brother: a set of parchments which were deeds to land on the moon. I considered the possibility that the deeds were legit and would be of inestimable value to my descendants. I tried to imagine an extreme scenario, and that was the idea behind “Moon Deeds.” The series starts with the twins fleeing a global military dictatorship, and they hope to use their moon deeds to escape Earth and flee to the lunar colony, which is still free.

Moon Deed was set across the galaxy. What inspired you for setting?

As I mentioned, my brother’s gift of the moon deeds inspired the first book—the first trilogy, actually—which is mostly set on the moon. The larger series-arc is based on the premise that humans are descended from an alien species from another planet, inspired by myths from many cultures and religions of celestial visitors/angels/gods/giants, etc. descending on shafts of light to visit Earth. Again, I asked myself, “what if those myths are based in fact?” Then I figured that if that were the case, then surely our ancestors visited other planets as well, and that would mean we have cousins scattered across the galaxy.

What type of characters do you love and hate to write? Your favorite quality in protagonists, Cassidy and Torr. Does anyone in real life inspired you to write them?

I only write characters that I enjoy writing. I don’t like my villains very much, but I enjoy writing them. Some of the plant spirit medicine scenes were inspired by a dear friend of mine who is a plant spirit medicine woman. But the characters themselves are purely from my imagination.

What was the most interesting aspect of writing Moon Deeds, characters and their journey?

I most enjoy writing the scenes when Cassidy and Torr learn how to use their magic. It is a sort of metaphor for their journey towards self-awareness. I also enjoyed all the research of mythology, and of the moon.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I have been working on this series for ten years. I have tried many times to find an agent or publisher, but with no luck. I have a background in publishing, so I decided to start my own indie press (Mythology Press) and self-publish. I’ve been enjoying the publishing process so far, although it is a lot of work!!

What are your most favorite and least favorite thing about being an author?

I love being in the almost dream-state of creating something new. The editing process can be a grind, and is not my favorite part. Also, the solitude of writing is nice, but it can get lonely. And the whole promotional aspect of being an author is a bit daunting. I think many writers are introverts. I certainly am. Writing is a very personal thing—putting my thoughts and imagination out for the world to judge is frankly terrifying. On the other hand, in my opinion art is meant to be shared. It’s a radical form of communication. And so, sharing it is also very exciting and satisfying.

Do you have any writing rituals?

For first drafts, I tend to stare into space a lot and imagine the scenes in a lot of detail before sitting down to write. At the editing stage, it’s more about discipline. I force myself to sit down to review and edit every day and strive to make progress, even if it’s only a little bit. I keep track of how many pages I get through every day, in order to encourage myself. I have found that slow, persistent effort yields results. For writing first drafts or new sections, I generally get through 3 pages a day, or 10 pages on a weekend day when I can devote several hours to writing. During the editing stages, the amount of material I get through can vary widely, but I write down daily goals for myself in order to provide some structure for myself—otherwise time can slip by without making any progress. I also sometimes set self-imposed deadlines, such as delivering drafts to editors or beta readers, in order to force myself to keep going.

What is the next project you’re working on?

The audiobook of Moon Deeds is about to be released, and will be available in October, 2019 through most audiobook services. Nina Price is the narrator. In terms of future books, I am in the rewriting stage of Light Fighters, which is Book Two of the Star Children Saga. Actually, it’s with some readers right now. In the meantime, I’m at the editing stage of another book set in a completely different world: “Heliotrope,” which is a Heroic Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery novel. (Check out images of both books below)

Light Fighters

Can you describe Moon Deeds in five words?

We are descended from aliens.

And the last one, top 3 tips for aspiring authors.

1. If you love to write, write. Don’t listen to any internal or external voices telling you why you can’t or shouldn’t or aren’t good enough. You can do it.
2. If you want to write, the only way to do it, the only way to start, and the best way to learn is to simply write. Write a lot. Write every day. It’s a craft, and it takes practice.
3. You have time. You can find ten minutes a day to put pen to paper. You can think about your story while you’re driving, or on the train, or driving a cab, or mopping the floor, or nursing a baby, or whatever it is you do. Then find that ten minutes a day to jot it down. Try to devote a longer length of time once a week—a few solid hours if possible. But a little bit every day is better than an infrequent, long session, in my experience. That is because if you work on it every day, then the story stays alive in your head and takes shape in the background, and you can jump right into it when you have a few minutes.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Website: https://www.mythologypress.com/

Blog: I will be blogging at  https://www.palmerpickering.com/ once I update my website sometime this year (2019)

Facebook: @mythologypress

Twitter: @palmerpickerin1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18948616.Palmer_Pickering

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/redwoodforest/

Instagram: lioncutcat (Barbara Pickering)

Book Links: (Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Moon-Deeds-Star-Children-Saga-ebook/dp/B07S9PDKTW/

Let’s discuss!

What do you think about the book and interview? Have you read this book or going to add it to TBR?

Fun Que- Like Mood Deeds if we are descended from aliens, what do you think from which planet your ancestor might have descended ?


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